Washington, DC now offers at-home COVID-19 testing


B C is now offering Cove in 19 testing at home. It is meant, they say, for communities who cannot access other testing options. As DC surpasses 650 lives lost to the virus. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says residents can now order a covert 19 test and administer it themselves at home. Tests are available through lab core, DC health director Dr Luke Wandera Nesbitt says the testes for those who cannot access testing through their doctor or the free testing sites in the city so you can pay for the test. Use your insurance. And there are some federal programs that are in place to cover the costs of the tests. Maryland's Department of Health says individual private labs offer at Home Cove in 19 testing, but the state is not offering it at this time. The same is true in Virginia. But Cheryl Rodriguez with the Health Department, says quote We are, however, cognizant of the in home testing and beginning to consider how we can incorporate as needed for certain populations. Megan Clarity. W GOP

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