Ruth Wilson quit The Affair because she 'didn't feel safe'


To talk about Dominic West. But by way of Ruth Wilson and I know you're saying to yourself self. Who are these people? These people? So Ruth Wilson, you were may remember from Showtime's the affair. Now I guess back and I did not watch the show. I have not watched the show. I apologize. But apparently back in 2018. Her character was randomly spoiler alert. She left the show. I'll just put it that way. And apparently, there were some rumors that she left the show at the time. Due to some pay disparity between her and Dominic West. She eventually told The New York Times that that was not true, but she otherwise quote and I'm quoting Perez Hilton now kept mum on the subject. Except to say, quote. There is a much bigger story. Well, apparently this week she's talking more about that story. She didn't interview with stylist Is that like a magazine about stylist? Probably. I mean, you hope, a fashion magazine for sure, she said, Quote. The reason I haven't gone into the affair meaning like what happened there. Is that I haven't worked out how to discuss it. There's a lot of noise and anger surrounding it. And really, the power rests with me to choose how I discuss my life, and my experience is what's important to say is that I did speak up. I did have a voice. I did stand up for myself. There was a situation on the affair where things didn't feel right. And I dealt with them and I managed to protect myself. Well, that That's kind of a shocking statement. Yeah, and this goes back to a story that made headlines at the end of last year, where there were accusations that the show run around the affair. Was running a hostile work environment. Didn't did this person leave or there was some sort of all happened at the time because I vaguely remember. Well, the parent when Ruth Wilson left, it was shocking and one of the things um the reasons why she left is because there were issues with nudity on the set. They're issues. I believe, with some of the sex scenes that were happening at at the lead of the show Runner and one of the show's executive producer, So it was just it was just a gross situation for Ruth Wilson, allegedly and since he left so when she In this most recent interview when she talked about it again. She didn't give a ton of specifics. But again, she does say that she, you know, spoke up at the time and that she defended herself and that she dealt with it or that the issue was dealt with. According to Let's see, Um I don't know if this from the same interview quote it was before me, too. It was before Harvey Weinstein. And yet my instincts were very clear and strong about what I felt was wrong. What was going on What I didn't feel safe about And that refers. I'm assuming to the piece you just ah, red or shared about the nudity that there was a lot of nudity requested of the actresses in a way that did not make her feel comfortable right and saying that there was a much bigger story on the set of the affair, the Hollywood reporter did it. A feature on Ruth Wilson last year and so just to put it into context, a little bit of a timeline she left in 2018. Ruth Wilson left the affair in 28 team, and she was saying that she brought up these issues, you know, like you, said Bradley before me, to which I would say the fall of 2017 is when that really kicked off with the Harvey Weinstein story. Being published in The New Yorker in The New York Times. Allegedly there was an unreported 2017 investigation by Showtime's parent company, CBS into Ruth Wilson's accusations about what was happening on the affair. And that she is restrained by a non disclosure agreement, which is why she's kind of talking around this issue. What I did find interesting is I think this comes also from that 2019 Hollywood reporter piece. In one surprising twist of the tale, the show's executive producer and director, Jeffrey Reiner, was said to have asked Lena Dunham and a dinner party. To persuade Wilson to quote Show her bleeps or at least show some bleep. Yeah. Or bleeps being the upper experience and her bleep being the lower experience meaning like, Can you just get her to show some bleeps? Which this is why I'm so glad that we had the meet to movement. Sure, women everywhere, like Yeah, thanks for showing up bread, But we've talked about this at length It sound like I'm just arriving at this, but To just think about the reality of what women had to deal with, and probably still do to a certain extent, you know, although I would hope post me too less. In Ah, smaller capacity. Just the like. Overt use of their sexuality or bodies in a way that, like other people wouldn't give a second thought to but are now having to question like. Is this a good use of nudity? Is this something we would request of our male co stars? Where it just seemed like women's bodies were. It's just a given. That at some point you should show your breasts or be naked in a you know a scene If you're doing a dramatic role, for example, writer at the very least, the probability if you're female body, somebody who's going to ask you to get nude whether or not you do. It is a whole other thing. But the proposition of having to do that, in order to fulfill some dramatic obligation is just like the probability is high. Wass. What I also think is interesting is here we have again a person connected to Dominic West. And, Ah, this is a story that I feel like we're going to continue to hear about not necessarily The story of Ruth Wilson. But the story of Dominic West And maybe not specifically as as concerns the affair but thie actual affair that Dominic West had with Lily James. And you've got to believe that Lily James was not the first woman that Dominic West had an affair with

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