Mike Pence, Senator Kamala Harris And Donald Trump discussed on Pacifica Evening News


On a cruise ship. That's the regime you labor under. Right? Um, if if you're, uh You know, if you're a contractor in a forward operations base, that might be the regime that you labor under. It's it's It's and, you know, digit like coming in California Senator Kamala Harris. I'm Gloria J. Brown Marshall constitutional law professor John Jay College and host of law, The Land Pacifica Radio's New York station. W E B A. I A 90 minute debate will begin at any moment. It won't be interrupted Bean playing Donald Trump right, The one between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Both prints and Harris are seasoned reverends off rhetorical wrestling. Paris honed her skills as a prosecutor in California, while pins hosted a conservative talk show in Indiana before running for office. It was less than two weeks ago. Then an unmasked pennst attended her now infamous White House Rose Garden ceremony. Widely suspected to be the super spreader is 18 people in attendance, including Donald that Mike Pence should be quarantined. And Nagle, Although his team argued against a plexiglass divider, Tonight's debate, we will see one tonight. That's a approximately 12. Of feet and three inches apart and Harrison VP debate is moderated by SUIT. Yusa Today Page is a New Yorker who got her start as a beat reporter for Newsday on Long Island. Throughout her career, she has interviewed nine presidents. Following the debate, Pacifica Radio will feature a post debate special with Professor Gerald Horn noted attorneys and activists and we will take your calls. Let's go now to the stage. The University of Utah's Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah, refined here that Susan Page has settled in in her seat. To ask questions. There will be 10 minute segments. And these 10 Minutes segment will be filled with questions that she has created. And supposedly, neither person knows thes questions and that these 10 minutes may have questions, of course on the economy. On Corona virus and the fact that we have protests in the streets. I'm sure this law and order platform that has been the one put forward by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, maybe one of the issues of concern these segments that will allow both sides to actually not just address the question but address each other. I think Also, there's going to be a major concern tonight about the fact that Mike Pence did not want to have Thebes Lexan glass dividers and that he did not want to have to wear a mask, even though he had been exposed to the president. I think it's highly unlikely at this point that Kamala Harris will wear a mask. But comely Harris has been one who is under the greatest expectation because she is a former prosecutor. Though both are attorneys and Mike Pence, is the former governor of Indiana. Now the debate has started.

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