Stressed Out; Not Sleeping? Nutritional Solutions To the Rescue


As we all know, it's a very stressful and high anxiety time for all of us. Currently, we're in our tenth month of this worldwide pandemic and from all reports, you know this could continue to be the situation for the next few months. Maybe the next year we just don't know some of you are living in areas are locations where the corona virus infection rates are increasing, and we know that's causing a lot of stress. Stress comes from different places and for different reasons. One example is I'm sure many of you are experiencing this or at least know someone who is it's business both old businesses new businesses they're shutting down. So many people are out of work rent and mortgage payments are due in addition to that. A lot of us are worried about family or friends or loved ones. Getting covid nineteen some of you might be frontline workers and worried about your own health. He know this corona virus anxiety can often show up opposite people having a lot of seriously problems. So that is a little teaser about what our topic is today. Yes. Definitely and I WANNA talk about sleep problems for minute. Do you have ongoing problems either falling asleep or staying asleep? Lack of sleep, which means not getting at least seven and a half to nine hours asleep most nights can affect your coping skills engineering. Zayed's level will just continue to climb. So does that sound like you last week I promise you that car and I would come back to the studio today to dig deeper into the connection of anxiety and sleep problems, and we got some questions from listeners and we will get to the. Back last week Joann gave her email and that's right and she didn't get some questions that's going to be interesting. Now, some of you if you're tuning into dishing up nutrition for the first time, we want to just make sure we re introduce ourselves. If you are a longtime listener, I'm Karak Harper and my background I'm a certified nutrition specialists I have a master's degree in holistic health I'm licensed by the State of Minnesota I've actually been a nutritious for thirteen years. The reason that I believe I was asked to be on this show today, and maybe you're listening to it as a podcast is because I have a history of having a lot of restless nights lying awake staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep to come, and if you can relate to that, you know how stressful that is to not be able to fall asleep or more to be waking up in the middle of the night or too early in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep. So today I really WANNA share my personal and professional knowledge and successes and things that have helped me. And I am excited to be back in the studio with Joe? Today? Because we were just here last week together we were. It's good to be back here with you today car. So good morning everyone. My name is Joanne right out and I've been a registered and licensed I- Titian for a very long time many years and I am fortunate to have worked at traditional weight and wellness for the past seven and a half years I always tell people it kind of my blessing in disguise I had gotten laid off from a job and this was a great opportunity to learn a new version of nutrition from the one I used to practice and I'm loving it I spend my time working with clients individually or teaching a number of classes including are popular menopause survival seminar. So to all of the covid nineteen restrictions, all of my client appointments are done either by phone or zoom. And you heard why Kara was chosen to be on today's dishing up nutrition and some of you may be wondering why I was picked to co host this radio show and podcast about sleep and I also have firsthand knowledge of this topic both professionally and personally, and I wanted to share some sleep solutions also that have worked well for me and my clients. Yeah that's another great point sharing. We'll be sharing clients stories. Yeah. Because that's where we get a lot of our knowledge right? We do appliance. During this really trying time, it's critically important to take care of your body and to take care of your brain. At least three habits I'm sure there are more but we're GonNa talk about three habits to take care of your body and brain, and we'll kind of do like the top three that come to mind with our topic of sleep and stress. So, sleeping at least seven and a half to nine hours most nights. Eating real food and moving your body. So we want to just keep this simple and keep focus on the things you can control. There's so many things out of our control right now. But most people have some control over sleep food and movements Joanna and I wrote down some habits and I think we both really try to live by these as much as possible to manage stress and anxiety especially during this pandemic. So we'll share these habits you might WanNa be jotting these down just get a little post it. You can put it on your refrigerator she's going to be three tips.

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