People Over Profits | Coffee & Commerce Episode #18


You're looking for on Vdi or my team people that are creators, video and picture people, designers, and animators, or creators or. illustrators or whatever you are. Do you make pictures and videos and right words and come up with ideas for things that sound we're looking for creators and less about brand the more about selling DNA. So if I had to sell wine were sneakers, get it now or clients if they needed a conversion, have you done creative copy or design or video for Cumbrian be? People that have actually bought something not awareness not brand sales DNA in your creativity. If you have, there's a link in my profile now profile profile now. So you can join our team hopes you in halls at least the virtual holes. This is the Gary v Audio experience. Super excited for another episode of coffee and Commerce. I'm here with my far more handsome partnering Crimes Being and we have a pretty epic guest with us. This Week a gentleman that I've admired from far some excited that get the jam with him a little bit here Meyer because I think it comes from a good place. I'll let him get into it and I'm just big shot up. Everybody's watching right now to go into manning social here a little bit to build up some hype and get everybody listening because I think we'll have remarkable shows. So Jason, first of all, thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you for having me and do bean. Why don't you create the context for the audience a little bit about g seven we'll let him talk a little bit about it then we'll get into the. And I will start to. Play by color commentary. That I'd like to do in these episodes. Let's do I love it. Great to have you on just for the audience to give you some context. The southern we talk about often has to do with one aspect of ECOMMERCE or another really focused on is calm listing direct consumer soclean, how to build companies, how to build brands and I think Jason is a really special individual as it comes to that because he's gone done so much. So let Jason Tell You about his pass is story, but it's been a study hedge fund building that going through some things personally that I'd love for you to talk about Jason and then where he is now was a founding and being the CEO of Human Co just a fascinating story and Jason she tells the story with junk men. Sure. So I saw I started in the Hedge Fund Business Nineteen Ninety Hundred Ninety At actually the quantitative analysts than I was for my first five years. I morphed more into a fundamental portfolio manager and investor. Which I then did a up until the end of each nearly nineteen I worked at at three firms where I had some terrific mentors in

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