Tyra Banks angers 'Dancing With the Stars' audience with error


Tyra banks had a meltdown backstage at. With the stars. So on Monday there was a mishap and to to people that should be in the bottom up for elimination were not the right to people live on TV tyra cold at the wrong names it got very confusing because there were alive she had to ad Lib it was a little awkward although I think she did a pretty much A. A good job fans were upset on social media tire went onto blame the control room and she also blamed her cue odds for the little bit of that upset that Miss Hab eventually she apologized once again saying it was live. TV show us that a little bit as an excuse. I, don't mind this stuff. I think it makes it more exciting however. TYRA, she was not laughing sources. Tell me at the sto show when she got backstage she was furious very angry. She wasn't mean and nasty. She wasn't throwing things but she's the boss, she not just the host she's the executive producer. This is her show. It is embarrassing. It happened on her watch. Let's be honest. She's a new host. This has never happened before. So now a lot of people are saying, maybe it's tyrod that should get eliminated where are you on this on a? So I get, it is embarrassing. It is a little awkward but as someone who's been a producer and a host, I'm just GONNA. Let ever no right now you're not making any friends in the control room by blaming them. Yes. Producers Make Mistakes I've made mistakes but we've also made you shine so many times without the thank yous and without everything then the one time something goes wrong you go out there and make sure it's known that we messed up. It's not a good look for her.

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