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All right. So normally, we always start out with skincare. We know that you guys are huge skin care junkies, but there's so much news make up that. Honestly we have to give it some love straight off the top, and we're going to start with none other than rare beauty, the new line by Selena. Gomez. Okay. So I did not get my package a curly, and so I'm very excited to hear what you thought of the line and what you think the winners are and just definitely part of this bigger trend we're seeing right of so many celebrities launching makeup lines right now. Yeah it's. True I feel like they used to be kind of like on the poster to represent like a new lipstick or something in these big campaigns, and now it's as though they've stepped out of the frame and they're really owning their own lines it really you know with Selena Gomez I know that health is a topic that's really close to her heart. So we know that one percent of the proceeds from this whole line is going toward increasing access to mental health services. So I, think just having like so much more integrity behind his lines as what makes them not just a flash in the pan. Committed to one hundred, million dollars over the next ten years. So that's a pretty big deal that's super exciting, and of course, we know that Sephora, is behind this line as well. It's exclusive to Sephora so although it's not one of the Kendo brands. So to speak I, feel like you know Sephora they get all that Intel from their customers they know what they want and they really brought a lot of I would say like. Thoughtfulness, to these formulations, I think that's where a rare beauty really wins. Okay. So let's hear about it because I know a lot of people were kind of comparing it to fantasy like one what's been your experience so far? What's what have you been? Loving. So my favorite product from the lot is the rare beauty liquid touch weightless foundation, and so that's the one everyone's going to compare it Fendi. It has forty eight shades except this one is only twenty nine dollars, which is cheaper than the fence is thirty eight dollars Canadian, and of course, it launched just at the beginning of September I really love it. So first of. All just tell you like what it is. It's meant to be a lightweight valuation that goes on Super. Naturally but it has quite a bit of pigment to it. So it will give you a medium to full coverage finish and I think we're all familiar with the bottle. We've probably seen it on instagram. It's as beautiful like it's got the sculptural shape to it. So it then bottle and then it has like this white ball on the top definitely GonNa look good on your shelf e and when you open it, what's really unique is its got this gigantic doe foot applicator like it almost reminds me of the applicators of those. Big Conceal that were coming ask chair. Yeah. Yeah and it's meant to be like a Serum Foundation. So you actually shake it and you can hear that click, click click inside and I'll be honest I've tried serum foundations in the past and I don't typically like them usually they come with a dropper and although there really lightweight there's like a slickness and an oiliness to it that I just do not like I I feel like that was like a a flash in the pan kind of a gimmick that I don't think those are going to last but this one goes on and it feels more just like a very lightweight almost. Watery Foundation without having any oiliness to it, but it is quite pigmented. So what you're going to do is you're gonNA put dots on your face like in the main areas where you won't coverage for me that would all over my tease own and then I, just used my beauty blender and blended in as usual and I really found it had a very natural second skin effect. So it's not particularly Matt it's not particularly Dewey it just looks Berry Notch, draw it kind of reminded me of the Bite Beauty Foundation that I really fell in love with lots year that all clocks right because it likes under Sephora I'm sure they definitely Yeah, armed each other. Well, I mean Sephora. So as an example, Nour's launched a soft Matte Foundation this fall as well, and the publicis actually told me that that was in collaboration with Sephora and that they were using all of the feedback from their customers to tell them what they wanted So that was a very different foundation. It's quite matt more like the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush break by yes. A We know that they're kind of feeding into that and that just makes sense I mean Celinas. Not a makeup artist. Maybe, she has van Gogh helping our, but obviously, they're going to be using the power of their knowledge to create these formulas. So I love this foundation I think it's so natural. This is like a new favorite for me but I think it's really representative of the line like what I noticed just having tried quite a few products is that it's like taking existing ideas like for example, the lip souffle Matt lip cream we all know a liquid matlab color, but this one just went on, it gives you a soft finish. And it's so comfortable. But what I liked is it wasn't thick. So they managed to get that pigment without having that thickness like I can never get a clean line with a Matt liquid color. I always have to use my finger to blended then and then you don't get that that nice shape to it. So this when you do so everything was like, yes already out there but this is so thoughtful and it's just slightly better

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