Kuby & Rails Deployments with Cameron Dutro


Cameron is shining example of what I wanna see from the listener communities someone who is excited about a project that they're working on and they reach out to me to be on the show. So in this case, between Capistrano aws pipelines Roku, there are so many ways to deploy rails. So Cameron, why did you invent Kuby? That is such a great question. So Kubi is definitely like a pet project of mine because I I listen to a podcast episode actually I'm a big podcast listener and one of the podcasts. That, I spend the most time listening to you. Probably, it's called the Ruby rogue. So shot to them. and they had an episode with this guy named I think we're probably butchers name but I think Stefan Vittaya and he was asking the rails community or sort of been bemoaning the fact that the rails community doesn't really have. A very good deployment story and what I mean by that is. He said to is that there are cool, very sort of baked in solutions in rails for almost everything. So active record, we talked about that. It's a fantastic layer for accessing the database and you've got active storage now for starring. files in the cloud. And there's action dispatch and action cable all these other cool things that are baked into rails and you don't have to really and the asked pipeline is another good example and and all the web packer degration all that stuff just kind of works out of the box. So as a new engineer or somebody going through boot camp who is coming to rails for the first time. You might be either self pacing going through some guides online you might be taking a course rails just sort of feels. Easy to pick up you know you can just sort of. Set up your models you can start accessing the database you're sticking data into your views and everything is just rolling. It feels cool. It feels great. And then it comes to trying to put your APP online and you kind of run into a brick wall. There's not. A lot of help at least in the rails documentation or even in the rails framework that helps you deploy code to production. and of course, there are solutions like Hiroko and there are solutions like the aws offers, and there's a cloud sixty six is another great example of a deployment solution for rails. But there's not this coalescing around one solution in the rails community for deployments like there is for a bunch of other areas of rails development. And so listening to. Stefan. Talk about this on the podcast I was really. Just. Totally agreed with them I thought this is a real hole in the rails community that we we probably need to figure out at some point. he also mentioned that you know he he at least in his personal. I suppose maybe this job I think he's a consultant but he's just seen a bunch of cases where. New Real steps or people that are looking to deploy their code they've been working arouse APP, and they just sort of fall off a cliff because there's just so much complexity in so many different solutions and not really the one true choice in rails for appointments.

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