Mr. Vice President, she's speaking: How Kamala Harris beat the stereotypes during her historic VP debate

The Breakfast Club


So let's talk about the debate for a second before we get paid news what were your thoughts? I. Mean I enjoyed it is. Is this amazing to me that the vice presidents who debate comes off his more presidential than actual? Got It. You know what? I'm saying I presidential debate with more presidential. Presidential debate you know what? I mean like either one of those people on stage last night with make a better president than than the one we have now, which isn't saying much but but I also feel like last night represented like the future and the past like I just think old white male leadership is dead and when you watch it on TV, you can just see the clear contrast like it's time to let a black woman lead country the same way black we wouldn't have been leading our lives forever at least mine. Yeah. I would say I would say that I I would also say that pence surprise me. I thought he was going to get washed I don't think he got washed last night I'm going to get washed Iowa surprise with his rebuttals. I was surprised the way he spoke I was surprised the way he drove home. really surprise I didn't like the moderator I. I think the moderator allow pets to talk all over my I felt like what you just like the old white man just was able to do what he wanted to the white man white man when commonly Harris was speaking she was. She was like just let this just talk for three minutes. You can't give me fifteen seconds but I didn't lie too hard on the moderator though I think too hard on the modern make often like we need to cut the mic he kept going Bro I. Yeah. But that's what I'm saying like, what do you do in a situation like that? If you had a moderated and you're trying to direct traffic in this white man just talking over you just like the other way talk over Chris Wallace last week what he's was different when commonly went over her time like she stopped. She stopped. Stopped might she tried to stop Mike Pence? Vice President Vice President. He didn't act like he heard he just kept exactly because he the white man white man comma was Carmello was being resp- still trying to be respected she's trying to. Toronto follow a rule that she was trying to be respectful. Even though she no, she was getting hard time taken away from her she was still trying to be respectful. Was You know she got? She got she got something that might pence doesn't have and that's I would say integrity and respect for others. I pinch.

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