Janet Yellen, Biden’s Expected Treasury Pick, Has Broken More Than Gender Barriers

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We report. That president elect joe biden plans to tap former federal reserve chair. Janet yellen as the nation's next treasury secretary our national political reporter ken. Thomas has more details. If confirmed by the senate would make history as the first woman to lead the treasury department. This is a decision. That's rooted in the administration's preparations to drive the economic recovery. From the turbulence of the coronavirus pandemic yellen has been an advocate for more government stimulus and warned that the recovery will be uneven if congress doesn't spend more to fight unemployment and keep small businesses afloat. She's viewed by the biden team. Is someone with a lot of credibility around the world and someone who could work closely with the fed and the executive branch to engineer. More financial support of congress is hesitant to pass more stimulus and the key point here in a divided congress. Yellen has a track record of receiving republicans support biden and also revealed. He picks for other posts today including some officials from the former obama administration. Tony blinken biden's longtime foreign policy. Adviser has been nominated to be secretary of state biden's tapping one hundred may orcas to lead the department of homeland security. If confirmed he'd be the first latino. Delete the department jake sullivan. A veteran of the state department and a long time by need will be national security adviser and biden his turning to admiral hanes a deputy national security adviser under president obama to be the director of national intelligence and lastly biden is turning to familiar face. He's going to make former secretary of state. John kerry a special presidential envoy for climate change. That's a sign of how important climate will be for his administration. These are all people who know joe biden. Well the worked for him for years. In lincoln's case for nearly two decades in it shows how the biden transition is trying to project competence and experience as he makes his selections biden in his phone. Calls with world. Leaders has been stressing the idea that the us will soon be back as he puts it when he takes office. And even as president trump has disputed the outcome of the election biden is trying to move forward with his picks and signal that the us will be returning to a sense of normalcy on the global

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