Seattle City Council approves new budget in 8-1 vote

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Today. The seattle city council passed the twenty twenty one budget in eight to one vote. It includes new tiny house villages and an expansion of the program that sends firefighters and social workers to people in crisis but a central focus in the budget discussions. This fall has been whether this summer's protests calling for massive changes to police budgets and practices would affect sp funding kyw's. Amy radel is here to tell us about the outcome. Amy take us back to the summer when activists i called on city leaders to cut as pd funding by fifty percent right and a majority of seattle city council members agreed to that principle council members did try to make immediate cuts in salaries and certain police units. You know we saw chief carmen. Best resigned over their methods but as discussion began on next year's budget it became clear. The council wasn't seeking a fifty percent cut right away to recent escape a chairs the budget committee. And here's where she says. They ultimately came down regarding our seattle police department. The seattle city council along with the mayor competent combination of both cuts out twenty percent twenty percent and that includes both cuts and transferring some functions outside of spd right twenty percent not fifty percents. So how significant is that reduction Well if you look at other cities it's very significant. Cancel member mosquito has pointed out. Seattle has gone farther in this effort than any other. Us city except maybe austin texas. A year ago cut like this would have been unthinkable but people supporting what they called. the solidarity. budget kept the pressure up rate until the end this week. The council rejected their call to cut another nine million dollars last week and councilmember shama sawant said that was a disappointment and because of that has been justifiable anger and disgust at the establishment over the weekend from thousands of ordinary. People who have been committed to black lives matter. There were car caravans of activists to city council members homes this weekend and today the council agreed to cut an additional two million dollars from. Spd's budget They say that cut should make it so there will be no net increase in police officers hired next year They expect a higher the same number as the number projected to leave which is one hundred and fourteen officers

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