When you harness the mind you can create magic in moments instead of miles.


Already has the answers now and it does it. Does i remember my mom. And she passed young in her sixties. And she she always said she goes she was alive. She's i am never going to die with that music still inside of me and to dance and every day if she could she was up dancing judit or line dancing how dragged me with her And she didn't like said she she. She didn't leave us way too early but she said i am not going to go with the music still inside main. I know that is but just loved. It and i just always always always remember her. Remember her saying that and she was a great humanitarian too and she our mission was to help people and a lot more. I get it from you also are a great humanitarian on a mission to free people emotionally mentally. I have this fantastic program that you're doing around finances as well. I would love you to share that. What they're listener. So they know there is help out there and people like you that really and truly are giving back to humanity such. You hit it on the the now on the head on such a humanitarian. I want people to leave that truce. Quietest life and i believe everyone on the planet to leave freely and free from suffering and a lot of people because they don't have the money or the finances to leave that life they now. I'm i'm so dedicated to auspey coming sovereign which means that we actually create our resources because a lot of people don't even have access to banking their bank and and when you are suffering and you can just like good bottle banks and you can create your rining. Comedy can use a cell phone to do it. Because the money transacts on that and you're transacting in because let's face it at is worth nothing like if we had put one hundred thousand dollars in the bank the years ago it would be worth today's equivalent value of fifteen thousand dollars. He if we put one hundred thousand dollars into gold it'd be worth either full million dollars today so it's an out making you money. God what the us. So that he can free up your time and i didn't realize that universe was opening his pop up to me but it's about helping every person on the planet become sovereignty better life and all you need is a cell finance. Major -cation can help with that. I can start you off on just to begin but what it's done for me. It's transforming my life. And i'm helping me transfer so many people's lives as well and the funny thing is connie. We started the show a never done this before. The highest have never taught so it's becoming a passion of mine is to help people financially to free up. They live so they can leave their best life. I could hear the passion. And i just feel it con coming through and what you're doing and you're helping people and helping them discover their greatness is is just. It's it's so rich. It's so it's it's so needed i mean right now. I mean a lot of people living in a place of worry in a place of fear. Because you know we've had the the cova challenges going on the past year and we call ei coveting chaos but is this really has caused at fear amongst a lot of people make and i know some people really want to be. You know. Be safe in you know. We're in cautious. And you know to love and protect each other but we're also on humans and you need interaction with with other people as very true. Very true the geology. I will say about how combining doesn't matter which way you fry because everyone has their own opinion on this side. People looking at my heart goes out to anyone who has been affected and impacted by will say is that we need a shakeup of something like that to make us look at our life. Go my god. What is really important because when we have an just a normal by in tampa life and you just got into doing that you never stopped to go way to sit and life is precious and if nothing else coruna has made us go. Life is precious which gets us like people choices and if you think that the most amount of million is came out of the great depression when there was nothing we have the same opportunity now to create these and give ourselves the life that we wanna laid and for you yourself calm. He was such a light and you have so much to offer. It's time for people who are waking up their consciousnesses shifting that the world is actually changing. We're going to change the planet and create a better life route. Julianne sat honest in yes. That's absolutely what i might myself as well. Meaning last six months. Doing business is been looks. Different neka my jollies right now. So right across across the pine for me you know so many things have happened so many things have changed. I mean a simple example my son. His fiancee had his huge wedding planned for july and then they rescheduled it and then they reschedule it again and then last week the hell with it. We'll get married and it was just so beautiful and it was just you know i honestly and didn't want to tell them but i just thought it was. It was so beautiful and it was more beautiful than if they had a wedding or two hundred. Fifty people sitting there are lobbying. Any really really wasn't in. Of course. I love horses. We got to hang out with the horses and Just beautiful day for that for that to happen but like you said people colvin has four sist- to look at what is really important in our lives. I agree on this has been a little bit of a revelation in the last few years. Is we all have problems in teased shop in our lives and the problems release actually exist because it just means they're not resourceful enough or not thinking creatively and not to solve on with clients. They'll have cia bandaging work. I'm on also what you're saying. Is you try one of the billion options. That could actually change that. And now you're telling you that didn't what it will look at kentucky fried chicken is it two thousand. No's he knocked on the door. The thousand restaurants also give you a simple bureau being we all eight and dot com. And that's the thing is with far more resourceful than we realize the way too early we quit on drains because he gets a little hard. Make that little heart healthy that your friends realize that. That's gifting you and your life will stop to be confident because you become a champion less than lenna with great skill set and your own. These doors will start our. They stopped love that on. Sixty and tight. That challenge on is your rings. I always batak though the tax office going on your always money and blah blah blah and. I'm in a panic. Don now have to make a huge lump sum payment or they're gonna shut my business

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