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Fighting that battle. 7 50 called a carrier WSB 24 hour traffic center Still James up on the south side, 75 North bound just north of Locust Grove, Heading up toward Hudson Bridge South found Leila's leaving 6 75 holiday travel There always just blocked and reopen 75 85 north down before 10 Street exit to 50 to get a stall out of the second left lane. You're slow for my 20 South bound crash. A travel advisory before I 20 and multiple Ling's air. You're jammed at a midtown use north side of Peachtree as an alternate. 20 westbound West Freeway. Good, long lasting crash Still in two left lanes and I 25 exit number 51 use MLK your highway 78 This report brought you by BP. Hey, Atlanta. Fill your tank with Amoco. Ultimate with invigorate and keep on going, Emiko, Ultimate with invigorate at BP and Amoco stations. Alex Williams 95.5 WSB. WSB triple team traffic alerts. A free app for your smartphone Howard by the WSB traffic team before you drive, open the app and said, Your smartphone aside, the f eed you automatic audio alerts, warning you of major problems on your specific road ahead. The WSB triple team traffic alerts app download it now in the up store or Google play. And use it every time you drive brought to you by cool raise lifetime parts and labor warranty. Wanna play truth or dare? Okay, I'll go first Truth

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