Salesforce is in talks to buy Slack, deal could be announced next week


Fools considering acquiring workplace chap to slack technologies So to say the companies have been holding talks and could announce a deal as soon as next week. I'll write. Garana of Bloomberg Intelligence says the deal would help both companies compete more aggressively. It always made sense from a strategy for interview because you know slacks been losing some market share from Microsoft on this would give a sense, forcing entry into a very lucrative and very important market. But what it makes, you know, in our view, most sense financially is Its sales force decides to pay for this thing, using stock and not cash, And that's because sales force own valuation has gone up quite a bit over the last six months. And you know they have very good currency that they can pay with and you know, that's I think if it's done to stock to us, and I believe to investors also would make a lot more sense.

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