Recent email threats to US voters appear to be an Iranian operation

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The US director of National Intelligence yesterday said that the threatening emails received by voters in several states where the work of Iranian threat actors. See The A. P. for a general account. Both know before and proof point have published discussions of the emails, the text much like that found in extortion fishing except that in this case, the threat conveyed was that the attackers new voters were where they lived and would visit them with violence if they did not vote for president trump's reelection. We asked no before when they sent us their analysis if this didn't amount to fishing without fishhooks. Nor before his response. Quote as for cyber wires question there correct at first glance, this does appear to be efficient email as it resembles classic extortion emails that are now very common. That said, there are no malicious links attachments and no demands for money. The mail mainly demands votes and changes voter registration in quote. The sender's claimed to represent the proud boys a white supremacist fringe group, but that claim was quickly disavowed and debunked. The threat, the emails conveyed is also no more credible than the threats conveyed by their extortion models. The intent appears to have been disruptive. Whatever Taran takes its interest to be as defense one notes the reelection of president trump is unlikely in the extreme to figure among them. Proof Point said in response to a question we sent them that they had no direct insight into the party affiliations of the people who received the emails. The males themselves accused the recipients of being known Democrats but that of course doesn't mean that they were or are. In various news outlets have said that people registered as Republicans or independence or libertarians, or bread, and roses members or prohibitionist, or whatever may well also have received emails, Republicans and Independents anyways. We're just speculating about the others. All this suggests poor aim in what amounts in terms of tactics techniques procedures to a direct marketing campaign. The Washington Post quotes the foreign policy research institutes, Clint Watts whose twitter feed has an instructive discussion of why on grounds of share argument to best explanation the operation looks like one of Iran's it's ill-timed for one thing and runs against the interests of the trump campaign whatever the text of the email might say. President. Trump is as we noted above not exactly flavor of the month and theron above all it's sloppy. We can see that. Marketing campaigns for say vacation timeshares. Aura. jazzercise franchising opportunities would be better directed to say nothing of the rifle shot accuracy of association chrome or Amazon serve up piping hot. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Director of National Intelligence said that not only Iran but Russia to had obtained voter registration data. Such. Data are in most US jurisdictions matters of public record freely available and authorities expect to see more use of such information in the final weeks before the election. So of course, the claiming the emails that the attackers had penetrated election systems is who we Know, before added in their reply to our questions quote moreover, it's worth pointing out that the entire threat in this email turns on the claim to have penetrated election systems giving whoever is behind these e mails, the ability to monitor users election behavior. That's just not a credible claim as it is simply not believable that a group that had managed to penetrate election systems would be advertising the fact in such a public manner for several weeks before the election. We would expect any group that penetrated those systems to be sophisticated enough to hold their tons and bide their time waiting for the opportunity to do real damage come election day and quote. The Washington Post characterizes the threat as long expected quote targeting voter confidence rather than ballots and run on the cheap probably with publicly available data and quote. As we said direct marketing but selling fear and mistrust as opposed to sports, memorabilia or garden tools or. You get the

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