Philadelphia - Pennsylvania Supreme Court says ballots can’t be rejected based on signature comparisons


Supreme Court has ruled mail in or absentee ballots cannot be thrown out, based on signature. Hey, Wa w. Suburban Bureau chief Jim Mel. Word tells us it was one of two key rulings handed down Friday. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Book forces. The flurry of late court rulings might be confusing the voters, but you don't actually have to track the litigation. It'll just cast your ballot By Tuesday, November, 3rd book barred asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to take up the issue about signature. She'd initially instructed County's not to toss ballots based on signature. The Trump campaign asked the federal court to block her instruction, but that judge tossed the trumps. Republicans argue book bars rewriting existing law changing guidelines for challenging the validity of a ballot. Pennsylvania Attorney General Joshua Pierrot, also a Democrat, says it's the right decision because identities on mail in ballots are verified in the initial application, typically with the driver's licence, Also, Pennsylvania Commonwealth court upheld a Philadelphia judge's ruling that satellite voter services Cannot be forced to allow in poll watchers. The Trump campaign appealed that ruling trying to argue those officers are effectively polling places. But Commonwealth Court agreed with a lower court ruling that the officers only process and collect mail in ballots. There's no opening or counting at the suburban bureau,

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