Arlo Guthrie, citing health, says he's retired from touring


Folk singer Arlo Guthrie's announced that he's retiring for health reasons even canceling shows that were planned for next year yeah and if you want that addresses best known for this thanksgiving classic about his arrest in nineteen sixty five Arlo Guthrie the son of music legend Woody Guthrie says after more than fifty years and two strokes it's time to hang up the gone Fishin sign Guthrie leaves us with Alice's restaurant master creek in eighteen minutes satirical blues ballad about him getting arrested for littering which kept him out of the Vietnam War because he wasn't enough to John on may burn women kids houses in villages after being a letter about well got three often disappointed fans by not playing Alice's restaurant at live shows he felt that he would during next year's tour but now that it's been canceled hi Jackie Quinn and this is

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