Salem Hosts Smaller Crowds For Halloween Amidst Pandemic


In Salem, unlike any other year tradition looked very different this year amid the pandemic TV's Jim Smith from the North Shore. Halloween 2020 here in Salem? No. Which city? The crowd's not as large as usual, but plenty of people still showed up. It was certainly a switch city leaders in Salem, urging people not to show up for Halloween due to concerns about the spread of covert 19. At the downtown area was still extremely busy. Early Saturday night. Lots of people in costumes on every street corner thiss year, many Halloween masks were combined with medical masks. I think it's great. I think everybody's sick in the right proportion. See everyone's wearing that mask and you know you weren't trying to do the part by Social Salem had restrictions on traffic parking and MBT a service and ordered mandatory eight PM closures. Of all downtown businesses. It wasn't nearly as packed as usual, but it was far from empty. Yes, this yourself may nice to do, especially that we are so much quarantine By later Saturday night, The crowd did seem to be thinning out quite a bit Halloween unlike any other the city also ordering mandatory eight PM closures of all downtown businesses on Halloween.

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