Strongest typhoon of 2020 slams the Philippines


Center says Ghani strengthened into a super typhoon and struck the Philippines overnight. NPR's NPR's Julie Julie Julie McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy reports. reports. reports. Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon Goni Goni Goni made made made landfall landfall landfall early early early Sunday Sunday Sunday over over over cut cut cut and and and witness witness witness with with with reports reports reports of of of shredded shredded shredded roofs roofs roofs and and and flatten flatten flatten coconut coconut coconut fields fields fields on on on the eastern Line island. Philippines Weather Agency said that Goni is sustaining devastating force winds of 140 MPH, but it calls phenomenal Cesaire generating up to 52 FT waves. Go knees on course to roar through lose on the country's most populous region and home of Metro Manila. He easily flooded. Capitol City is one of nearly three dozen areas put on storm alert and is bracing for heavy rains. The Hawaii based Pacific Disaster Center says nearly 24 million people live in what our forecast to be the worst affected areas. Julie McCarthy.

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