The New York City Marathon Was Canceled. Runners Ran the Course Anyway.


Was cancelled, but there will still be plenty of runners taking on the 26.2 Mile challenge. Virtually this weekend. Our own marathoner ABC News producer Lewis Millman has more on how they're doing it. It's one of the biggest events of the year in one of the biggest cities in the world. 2020 New York City Marathon was said to be an extra special. The 50th anniversary of the first time the race was held. 26.2 Mile course normally tours all five of the cities boroughs, crossing five bridges along the way. With the covert 19 pandemic, preventing large gatherings. The New York road runners flagship event is adjusting. Instead of having the more than 24,000 runners travel from over 150 countries across the globe to race through the Big Apple, the road runner's shift into an all virtual format for 2020 a move that the organization senior vice president of strategic partnerships and runner products, Christine Burke says went fairly smoothly. This will be our third year. Of staging a virtual version of the marathon, and we were fortunate that we've had experience with it now. And so we already had plans to do a virtual marathon. But with the cancellation of the in person race at the end of June We knew we had to make the virtual version bigger and better than it had ever been through the running Abstract VA and using modern technology race organizers have made this year's virtual New York City marathon, an immersive experience for runners. There is technology that we're using this year included some augmented reality where at the finish line runners will be able to put a medal over their head in a photo. And there's also tools that will enable runners to hear the sounds of the marathon course on race day. So the sound of the cannon at the start in Staten Island on the various on a bridge and crowd noises throughout the course that simulates what it actually would be like as if they were running on the marathon course through the five boroughs. In New York City. Participants will use that same app to track that are run and submit their finished time. But it's not just

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