Case #67 Katherine Knight

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Is what it is awful. I looked it up. Okay, which are animal entrails? Yes. You didn't know what that was. I didn't I didn't so thank you for that. So, you know dream job living the life. Yeah. Sounds like a dream to nobody, you know off All Kinds of Kinds. That's right. It takes all kinds that's right. So she was working there for a few months and then she was promoted to boning and was given her own butchers knives wage, which fun fact she would hang over her bed just in case you needed it, you know. Okay. So this Kathryn is a little odd. So yeah. Yep. She definitely forms some Oddities when she gets older. Yeah, I think yourself things it's we're not even done yet. This is just the beginning just the beginning and it only goes downhill from here. Oh goodness. Okay. So Catherines living her dream. She's working at the butcher shop. She's deboning needs and stuff, I guess and she has her beautiful butchers knives loves them. Well, the story just goes up because Catherine gets married to a man named David kellett who actually was a co-worker at the butcher shop. So they worked together, you know, they love formed. I love formed for my mind away. Exactly. So they get married in nineteen seventy-four off at Catherines request and I'm just going to tell you about their ceremony because it is the most romantic thing I've ever heard. Okay? Oh, okay. So Catherine and David arrived at their ceremony on David's motorcycle Catherine was driving. Okay. Okay, David is also stone-cold drunk. No way and his own wedding at his own wedding. That's really sad. Well, I mean honestly, I don't think he really wanted to get married since I mean it was Katherine's idea to get married. She wanted it really bad. But yeah, I thought I thought it was weird when you said at Catherines request. Yeah, I got married. That's weird. Yeah, so, you know, it was a super classy Affair sounds like it off and after I think it was after I don't actually have it. Anyway, I don't know when she said this but Katherine's mom who was in attendance told David that I mean, basically this is a summation of what she said. She said to not act up or cheat or anything just do whatever Catherine once because Catherine will straight-up murder that fool so dead. Yeah her own. Mom said that to her mom said that their wedding that's scary. Yeah. I don't know if it was like before fouls or Jake Paul's but either way either way, that's rough. Well, you're stuck now Dave. Yep. Sorry about you cross over so later that night there like in the honeymoon, they're doing the things and Catherine decides off. And this is weird Catherine decides. She is going to strangle David because he had fallen asleep after only having sex with her three times that night what which apparently is like a party Foul. So I mean according to Katherine my God, what is he supposed to be a robot page also like that seems I mean you just married this guy and how you want to strangle him. Maybe he had good life insurance. I don't know. Oh my gosh, who knows but based off that I think we can all say that this next part is not going to be a shocker in that their marriage was very turbulent off. I would guess so my gosh one time a super Prego Catherine. She beat the Daylights out of a David which song I mean she even bashed him over the head with an iron skillet, which caused a severe head fracture like he could have died and she was all because he came home late after a darts tournament. What? Yeah. Oh my gosh. She's scary. Yeah, he somehow made it over to a neighbor's house and had them call 911 like how is this guy not already died. I mean getting strangled in his sleep and then getting beat down. It's basically with an iron skillet. I don't I don't even know I don't even know. Okay. All I can think of is like this woman is home. I genuinely don't know because I'm just going to keep going. Yeah my thoughts later. Yep. Yep. So finally David leaves Catherine. Yep. For another woman and moved away pretty shortly after their child was born in nineteen Seventy-Six all signs lead to he really just couldn't handle it anymore. You know what I mean? No kidding, but then the what the mom said to him keeps echoing in my mind. I know I know I keep thinking that exact same thing. I mean, it's like you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't exactly but he got away. He's finds he left it. Okay, good. However Catherine and I'm going to say it is and it's going to sound ironic but Catherine goes on to display some pretty concerning behaviors. Towards their child including leaving her on a train track presuming ready to get run over what while that while she left the child there. She runs around town and starts like stabbing and cutting people with her beautiful precious knives. Oh my gosh, I can't remember. What in the world is real like there's not even real words? Yeah, this woman is insane. I yeah, this is like a on another level to put it lightly. She's insane. Yeah, really a man. Who was I think he was working on the train track or something. He saw the little baby before the train got to her and authorities were called on Catherine and she then had like several stints at psychiatric hospitals so long she would like get out something would happen and then she'd get put back in this lady needs some serious help. So yeah. Anyways, she finally convinces doctors that she's fine and everything's great and dandy and she gets out. I mean she's psycho. So it makes sense exactly.

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