Ivory Coast elections: Voters go to the polls amid opposition boycott


On in Ivory Coast rather now President Alison Ouattara has taken a commanding early lead in elections there, in which he ran for a controversial third term Now the polls boycotted by the main opposition parties, who described it as a failure. Several people were killed and many others injured in clashes on polling day. Let's totally on the pier. A journalist in Abby John, Welcome to Newsday. Let's talk about the vote. First of all, you know, what are we seeing? In the vote count on when could we expect a result? Morning. Clear? Well, the streets of Abby John all very, very tense. Thiss morning as vote counting continues across the country, while we had expected that they would announce possibly final results in the early hours off this morning, but just after 7 p.m. last night They decided to suspend the announcement ofthe votes because thie site had crashed where they were violating a ll the results during the course Ofthe yes today. So now we expecting results to be partial results to again be starting start to be announced from about 4 P.m. this afternoon and possibly final results by later tonight's but of course it is. A moving target and awaiting more details from the electoral Commission. And the opposition saying Don't bother counting them because we need a civil transition because you know he shouldn't be running anyway. Thiss. This extension of his power is unconstitutional. Tell us what they're saying. That is exactly what they saying They had a press conference on the day off the votes. We there already alluded to that. But then, yesterday afternoon, they decided to call the media again and had a lengthy press conference where they say that they do not accept the 1 October vote. They do not accept President Alison What's Hara as the president that he's mandate E second man it has now ended. He does not have the constitutional right for a third mandates and They will have called for a transition government. They haven't given any details off what that may look like. But it is a united opposition call for this thiss transition civil transition because they made that very clear to civil transition governments that they are calling for in the wake off Saturday's elections, which they do not recognize. How likely is that what is expected to happen next? It remains unclear exactly what that will mean. You, of course know that even though two off the full candidates that had been vying for the presidency had called on the supporters to boycott the votes. There, of course, was still on the ballot papers. As results are coming in, you can actually see where they've also got in support with their supporters, in fact, without a vote in any case, even though they had called him Teo call them them to boycott the vote, so we will see results coming in, and I think the opposition themselves a waiting to see what kind of support that they were getting a cz. Well, they've called in the supporters to continue the campaign of civil disobedience. So unlike Cletus, as the results started coming in, and, of course, onto the proclamation on the results for violence to to increase In the opposition stronghold in the centre of the country in the capital, Young Sutro government has put in a three day curfew to try to stem the violence that we've seen in recent in recent days have been skirmishes between opposition parties on baby. No deaths reported the as yet, but it's something that's a government and security forces will try to avoid in that area. Thank you for the update The Andy

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