TikTok Asks Court for Extension on Divestiture Deadline


Perry kicking off the chinese ecommerce giant alibaba's shopping holiday singles day yesterday period wasn't the only celebrity involve singer taylor swift also launched a new clothing line. This year. alibaba extended the buying window for single day from one day to several days and it paid off. The company raked in more than seventy five billion dollars in sales for the event nearly doubling last year's record that's more than all us retailer sales on black friday and cyber monday combined. Here's our reporter trevor. Moss online retail was kozo. Already a big thing in china was growing. Fool the pandemic and i think what we've seen is that trend has really been accelerated retail in china house bounce back from the pandemic but that in the january to september period retail overrule is still down about seven percents on you but within that's online sales of growing about ten percents on the so you can see that online retail has really bucked the overall triton has really become a much from biggest share overall. I think is now about one third of all retail in china.

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