Riverdale Road

Haunted Places


Riverdale road is an eleven mile stretch of narrow highway between the denver suburbs of thornton and brighton. colorado like much of the denver area. The road is the very definition of wide open. Space greenfield's dusty farms bisected by two lane highway though farm houses dot the landscape every now and then. You likely won't see another living soul as you travel down the pavement. Even under a blue sky the road makes realize how very alone you are but at night riverdale road comes alive. It's known for being a place of shadows. Ghosts and demons rumors include to ghost cars at a spectral jogger who was killed in a collision. But it isn't these small spirits that gave riverdale road that title of the most haunted road in america. It's something far bigger and a bit more flammable. Sophie didn't know how long she'd been driving at some point during her cruise down riverdale road time had lost all sense of meaning. Her body was going through the motions of driving but her brain was quiet. She liked the isolation of at all. Sometimes imagining she was in a completely different world. There were no other cars in sight. Fields of weeds sprouted on the side of the highway. The sun dip down just below the horizon and the crooning of ella fitzgerald drown out the sound of her. Tires churning on the pavement. The route started to move from straight to curving. She's slowly let her attention come back to her driving not fully ready to let go of the beautiful emptiness in her mind. She held onto the steering wheel loosely and subject sunglasses onto the top of her head. It was nearing dusk. Sophie flicked on the headlights and her breath immediately caught. There was a victorian manor sitting in the middle of the street. Her mind struggled to make sense of what she was seeing but her foot slammed on the brake hard. The car halted hundred body jerk forward but the seat belt held her back some of the pulled up the parking brake with their heart pounding her chest. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply forcing her heart rate to slow down when she felt that she was under control. She opened her eyes again. Slowly soapy couldn't understand what she was seeing. The highway just stopped right at the house. A small porch. She knew she wasn't lost her. Gps said so. She was just heading to a friend's house just off the route but the old house looked like it had been standing there for at least one hundred years. It didn't make any sense. She knew she should probably stay in the car and find another route. Turning around would have been past. There wasn't enough space for her to go around the manor but the site was so strange some improbable that she couldn't help herself. She had to know if she was dreaming. Sophie got out of the car and approach the house. The white would of the door and window. Frames was split and fading cracks in the glass. Bread like spider webs. A small porch around the structure had several missing floorboards as she walked closer. Her brain told you to let alone to go back to the car but her body felt differently. She climbed up the steps. The house groaned as though it didn't want company but so knocked on the door anyway and waited for a response. She didn't expect one much he also didn't want scare anyone. She just wanted to peer inside eight only for a moment but nobody responded she gently push the door open. It moved to jar with a sigh. Is it the whole house was breathing. This made her more nervous as much as the space call to her. She didn't like how alive it felt. Houses didn't have souls. She shook off the thought she was making too much of things she should just go in so be placed her hand and the cracked white paint of the door that nudged it open the rest of the way based on the outsides condition she expected dust mold and maybe pieces of the seeming hanging by a thread but the inside was completely different

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