Tequila! Tesla Releases Tesla Tequila (11.05.20)


Our here and today we have an exciting update from tesla they have launched their. Let's call it. Their newest product tesla tequila. This is something we have been waiting for for a long time and let me just say it looks amazing. This has got to be the most unique container for tequila that i have ever seen personally. So the website is tesla tesla tequila dot tesla dot com. This is gonna be a limited order quantity zone suggest if there are some still available. Definitely get your order and here but you can see just as amazing lightning bolt shaped bottle here. Definitely some image to tesla and its electrification. So we scroll down here. We can see tequila. it has expensive. it is two hundred and fifty dollars per per item here but you can see they say it's Introducing tesla tequila exclusive small batch premium one hundred percent day. Gavilan yoho made from sustainably sourced highland and lowland a galvez aged fifteen months in french barrels and into a hand blown glass bottle tesla tequila features dry fruit and light. Vanilla knows with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish best enjoyed as a sipping tequila so it must be twenty one years of ago years old to purchase obviously shipping included deliveries expected later this year available only in select states. So you can see the list of states pop up here It is a little bit limited But still quite a bit available there So this is something. We've actually been waiting for for from tesla for a long time. There's actually a pretty lengthy backstory on tesla tequila dating back to elon musk's april fools joke back in two thousand eighteen when he posted a pho press release on twitter and instagram. That says quote tesla goes bankrupt. Palo alto california april first two thousand eighteen despite intense efforts to raise money including a last ditch mask. Sale of we are sad to report. The tesla has gone completely and totally bankrupt so bankrupt. You can't believe it. Many chapters of bankruptcy and as critics so rightly pointed out tesla has them all including chapter fourteen and a half parentheses. The worst one yuan was found passed out against a tesla model three surrounded by quote unquote tesla kilo bottles. The tracks dried tears still visible on his cheeks. This is not a forward looking statement. Because obviously what's the point. Happy new month and quote the post concluded with a photo of yuan passed out against tesla holding a torn up tassell charger box on it. Written in sharpie. The word bankrupt with w so that post course sparked a lot of interest on social media and tesla actually doing this in creating their own tequila and about six months later it was discovered. The tesla was actually trying to trademark tesla. Keila euan retweeted an article about that. Saying tesla keila coming soon dot dot dot. He even shared what he called visual approximation. A mockup of a bottle and label design for tesla keila. Unfortunately for tesla they were eventually denied that trademark request by the us patent and trademark office due to a serbian brandy. That had trademarked spirit. Tesla with the trademark office felt gave off to similar of an impression do tesla nevertheless has continued to move forward on the product despite that trademark sat back and despite other push back from even the tequila regulatory council which has joked about a couple of times back in two thousand eighteen saying quote. We will fight big tequila and quote and then earlier this year saying quote coming soon our battle with big tequila. It's real and quote so despite a long period of time there without really hearing much about tesla tesla has obviously still been working on it behind the scenes and now we have tussles newest licensed merchandise in tussle tequila following tessa short shorts from earlier this year though short shorts from tesla are just starting to be delivered now so tesla tequila giving people another limited release item from tesla to look forward to so. I would suggest buying this early if you are still able to. It's going to be very limited quantity. Let me know in the comments if you are able to pick up a bottle or you.

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