An Olympian's Perspective on Overcoming Obstacles: A Conversation with Chaunt Lowe

Blazing Trails


You always take the fight with the end goal in mind. If you're fighting just be fighting. What's the point. But when i had my breast cancer diagnosis i was fighting for kids. My first thought was on my gosh. They're could o'clock without me it. It just broke my heart. I couldn't imagine it but the end result of fighting us. I get to live. That was four time. Olympian and mother of three shantallow. Welcome to another episode of blazing trails. I'm your host. Michael rebound from salesforce studios. We're now seven months into this pandemic and with increasing cases heading into the winter. I know i speak for many when i say sometimes. It's difficult to stay positive but today we've got an episode helps with that are recent. Conversation was sean taylor. And sales forces jodie connor. Shanty is anything. Stand her way of making her fifth olympic team and she talks about how to overcome obstacles and inspire others. But before we jump over to. Sean take a quick word about work. Dot com work dot. Com is an all new suite of apps and resources. The leaders around the world can use to reopen reskill employees and respond efficiently to the covid nineteen pandemic reopening will be a journey but worked dot com. Is your guide to learn more. Go work dot com and now salesforce. Is jody kohner and shantallow. I'm very excited about today's speaker. We've had just so much conflict and so much difficulty to deal with on so many fronts. And i think that we can all use a little bit of positivity and dare i say even some inspiration and so our guest. Today is a diversity and inclusion champion total woman warrior a phenomenal athlete. Sean low. So if you don't know who shanty low is alert day. Let me give you some run down here because this is like truly phenomenal. A four time. Four-time time olympic high jumper and bronze medallists competing in rio london. Beijing and athens. She is the american record holder for the women's high jump. She is a holder of a gold silver and bronze medals in world championships. I've never even spoke with anyone who owned one. She's got like one hundred then though. She's also was diagnosed with breast cancer last year in the just like almost a year ago in the summer of twenty nineteen and despite all of this. She's working from home. She's homeschooling three kids and she is training for her bit. Fifth olympic games is just extraordinary. Human being so today shontae is gonna talk to us about obstacles and perseverance and creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment and so we could not be more thrilled to have you. Sean mcvay you for joining us. We're gonna take questions at the end and we have emma richards with us. Our bold force global growth chair. And she's going to help out too so just a great half hour a great way to spend some times. So sean tell us about the phenomenon that is you while i try to juggle it all mother. The olympic training going to school. So thank you for that. Normally i only talk about perseverance endurance just trying to overcome obstacles. That i think in lyon everything that's going on right now it. Yeah great time to interject talk a little bit about diversity inclusion so the story i wanna share with you guys today. Stark like all my other stories. When i was four years old. I decided that. I wanted to coming around and watching the olympics. First time and i see this woman. Her name was joan. somebody should know. Don't look out. She's the woman that they wanted to be on halloween and she had this wall slowing hair canal. Chat for everybody were popular chevy's rippling muscles ours is like. Oh my gosh mommy. I'm gonna be like this woman right there in a my mom said it's a hard work and perseverance off like. That's not what i wanna hear at. I went to the second wife person. I knew which was my six year old sister at the time and she told me to eat there. So i reached down eight nerds. He told me that it would not figuratively. She told you to eat dirt. Only an older sibling can do. I love this. I love my sister. But it's just like when i was little bad idea the embodiment of the olympics. It was something special in touch me. An impact me in an amazing wang writes in rats. Y you know us as employees family members that have little is that are looking at us. It's so important. Visualization or things that we allow them to see our sairan in plant. Seeds grow in life in hell envision in so. That's what i want my story to did across you guys. Today's never lots of crazy. Things happening right now but my story is always one of choosing to pay attention to the good also. We don't have to put our heads in the sand ignored rough days that are going on but at the same time. What are we meeting our souls every day. That's why i love the b well series because it gives the opportunity to with that positively. You know what's going on so that's a little bit. I am a senior in high school. I stopped eating. They're probably like in this country. But i really find out that. My mom's this hard work perseverance. State is really the key to get into what i wanna go online and i ended up working really really hard and i get the opportunity to be offered over. One hundred and fifty different scholarships too. So i always take it back to that first year in college i went to my coach and i said look. I want to be an olympian. We sat down. We need a plan of work towards it. And i like to tell that story i because you imagine a child that had the proper tutors. The right education people Her in we're like yes you know it and that wasn't my life at all. We grew up in what was considered a project. So correspondent town. I went to school every single day for the blue. Because we didn't have. We didn't have lights. We didn't have sometimes yet lights. Sometimes we use the fireplace. We didn't have running water a lot of time. So we had to across the street to the newly with buckets with our friends watching bill. The buckets up so that we could flush the toilet bathe drink water and it was a tough way to grow up. And i remember that. I would go to the car and i would watch kids playing soccer and i'd be sitting on the sidelines and our big mama. Please please please let me play. And he would say i'm sorry. We can't afford it so as they practice would be on the sidelines. Running along you know trying to stay back. So they didn't know what i'm doing but still watching them play in wishing that i could be included in one time i went up to the coach and i was like. Hey you know what. I wanna play and we'll have your parents some backup here in. If they pay money you could play in. The team ended up going to china and we were in elementary school but team ended up going to china to go play maternity and they lost for which has happened now but they lost for glee. And i didn't want a hander. I just wanted to opportunity to the included. I always think back wow. They didn't know that they had a four time. Olympia world championship gold. Silver and bronze medallist standing on the sideline just wishing to be included. And so when. I talk to companies i talked. I talked to individuals. Talk to them about its lujan. I always say look charlotte on the side one that has

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