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The Final Lap


On the final with us. Today is austin syndrich. Welcome back to the program of great. Thanks for having me all right. So twenty twenty. Xfinity series champion That's got a nice ring to it right. Yeah without a doubt. I mean you work in an entire year. Obviously this year's been been crazy and trustful for a lot of people and a lot of different ways and Obviously rise to the occasion on on on the right weekend is is is ideal but The the work put in all season. It definitely makes you gratifying. So i take us through this closing laps. What was going through your head. Obviously we had. We pulled away in the lead with older tires there and I thought that was the hard part and turned out You know caution with three to go Having to come in and put on tires and that we are at a pretty big deficit I think that was the right call to make but putting yourself by maple on on on the offense and Having having to make two laps and make it happen when a championship in the with with with our competition definitely wasn't gonna be easy and putting a three wide off at turn four to win the championship Was was pretty cool. I thought i thought we all wreck for for a moment there and Definitely definitely dramatic finish and Glad glad we had to earn it but Definitely go out. It will all work out. What What did you do to celebrate. So yeah i've been trying to do the maximum obviously The different year As far as getting people together and enjoying things with that'd be with my guys do people shop or or or just my friends and family so That that part's obviously been a bit more of a challenge but Saturday night after the race. I can promise you. The the twenty two team had a great time and Major everybody got back to their rooms. Nice and safe but Otherwise it was it was. It was a fun night. looking forward to To enjoy during the season and coming back even harder and twenty twenty one. What are some of the things. That are a champion has to do during the week. Afterwards is it. Is it more than you expected. i think it's a lot of things that i wanna do myself It's it's. It's not things that that other people will put me up to as far as Like i said. I've had to be very creative in the last couple of days. Far as trying to figure out. Like i said what the maximum is that i can do to to to enjoy championship with with my team But also making sure i don't even turn you don't wanna championship every day and It's really difficult to do this in. Obviously we had the opportunity. Try new again next year but Trying to make sure that that. I don't miss anything almost anyone and I enjoy the moment obviously You're going to be kind of like the the face of the sport or the the face of the xfinity series for next year. What does it mean to be a champion and carry that flag. I think anyone who's watch watch series for the last couple of years. Watch me grow develop at the driver. Obviously i have my one one season in the truck series beforehand but that was it and As far as my career. So i've come a long way in a short amount of time and and i think Anyone who's watched those races that seeing that Has it's hopefully been able to create that. And as as seen this team really rally around me and in my development and obviously it's been a lot of fun to be able to do that and go on win races. And and then put ourselves in contention all year so it obviously Gives us more to look forward to. Obviously there's going to be great competition next year. I excited excited to see the full line. Up of drivers that We get to compete against and Looking forward to doing doing the most. We can't to make it back to phoenix and try and contempt for another championship now. Obviously every year. There's a big awards banquet at the end of the year this year. It's going to be a little different than can be more of a an awards show. I'm sure you're still looking forward to it because you're going to be honored. Their yeah i just want to get back all hours. Upset at other people's banquets watching other people talk. I want to do the talk. Our team to get the talking but It's it's obviously a challenge but No it's hopefully. Everyone can tune into that. I i got got wrapped up with with my obligations for that Just just yesterday actually so Looking forward to seeing that. It's also fun to to to to share that with with the other. Competitors are in shown creative while we were in nascar Production dairy and talk and talk to him about his race and and obviously Obviously chase elliott pretty pretty cool for the sport there and Obviously very well deserved for him and his family's well. We're on with xfinity series champion for twenty twenty austin syndrich and every year penske. Does this big olympic style kind of stuff with all their drivers and and and and crew members and stuff like that. This year was dodgeball How'd you do was it fun. It looked awesome while. I'm gonna brag on myself here for a minute because In p when. I was in middle. School and high school dodgeball was my thing. Okay i i don't know why i i obviously love it but For whatever reason. I just have a knack for it so When when they decided they were going to dodge ball with all the penske drivers i was. I was pretty keen so the game. They go to penske social channels. They haven't shared up on there. But i was the last man standing for a very long time Got a lot of people. I got blaney out by far the most athletic driver on our team pretty. I got him out early in the game But yeah it's great fun it. It's it's so cool. Because we're such a diverse group of drivers. As far as the different race series and and you know different nationalities and obviously we really different personalities. So that's always a really fun amick and I hope everyone enjoys that kind of stuff. I'm sure it's a big A team bonding kind of thing as well. Hey later today you've got a alive. Qna online. Are you are you nervous with some of the fans might ask you know. I don't think so Obviously we've got like said the life you and eight six six thirty on penske social channels on facebook and Looking forward to seeing the turnout we get for that. Because it'll be my crew chief. Brian wilson talking about Pretty much our season that race. Everything that's come down to it. Obviously brian i ever really greatly relationship and Look look forward to take jabs. Adam if i can't tonight what are some of the things are gonna be doing in the off season Both to relax and maybe even stay sharp for next year. Yeah i'm i'm still working on that. But i made a long list on the flight home from phoenix as far as things don't want to do and i i started to realize i'm probably not going to get everything done. I'd say top of that list is continue to work on my project car. I've got an eighteen ninety three volvo station wagon that i've been doing a Coyote swap was basically putting the the drive train. The the motor from a ford mustang. So go to five hundred horsepower. Engine in a in a ninety station wagon is has been no small feat. I've been working on this thing for for two years. Now doing all the work on myself so it's been really fun to to learn that Learn that side of things i. I think it's made me a better driver. And the obviously it's a it's a great pastime. Okay that's one of the most unique rebuilds. I think i've ever heard what's the goal for that. Car the goal is to be stupid or noxious. It's gonna race track. It's just it's just supposed to be loud stupid and fast. The car actually ways Significantly less than most most rijkaard's. It's actually smaller than you think being a station wagon. It's only twenty pounds. So a couple of hundred pounds lighter than most modern cars so nothing's gonna rip so Hopefully i get tight and have some fun with it so looking looking to make a pretty big debt absolutely now over the next year and a half or so. You've got a lot of things plan. Obviously going xfinity series racing next year. Defending that The championship and you're also going to have some cup series races Have they decided that your schedule yet. No it's definitely ongoing. Obviously gotta make sure things work logistically and and try and figure out the the right thing whether it be my development or having partners on the car but I'm excited for for that opportunity to to learn at the high level But i'd say if there is a race that i wanna do They're they're going cup racing at road. America on july fourth weekend is going to be amazing so I'm hoping that i can get to do that. One that one's definitely at the top of my list but Overall just just happy to happy to have that kind of an opportunity happy have the groundwork laid out for for for for my development over the next couple of years that's very challenging thing to to navigate in the sport especially the drivers so Looking forward to taking advantage of that opportunity and make the most of your drivers don't have the opportunity of knowing. Hey after next year. I'm going cup racing. They don't usually know that You still got to keep the eye on the ball for the community series. But i'm sure you're still excited about twenty twenty two. Yeah without a doubt to have that opportunity. Go race for the wood brothers in in in twenty twenty two. Obviously that's a that's a family. That has a huge legacy in the sport and The opportunity to to build on that legacy is something i definitely. Don't take lightly. I i love the history of the sport but also the the wood brothers eddie. Len modern john. Those guys who have been big supporters of mine Since since i've really come into nascar so excited to get to work with them here in the next couple the next couple of months after after twenty twenty one and Really really start the next chapter of my career with those guys so Very grateful for that as an opportunity. But i really really focused on defending title. It'd be be great taylor to walk out the as two time champions but a lot of work that needs to be done in a lot of hard competition to the face before then all right for sure last question any plans for the rolex twenty four working on that man that's that's always grind. I mean that is that is a given so Definitely definitely doesn't hurt to in the off season In style like this but Yeah i i wanna i wanna do the rolex again This past year was actually the first year in in three years that i hadn't done it so actually spotted the race for one of the penske cars which being outside in the middle of the night for twenty four hours is enough motivation for for trying to find drive the next year. I don't know what is so I'm i'm excited to try and try and navigate that I want to win that race. Really bad that's that's that's where i've been really passionate about for a long time a lot of miles in a lot of hours in so Still still on the lookout for for the right combination and Hopefully hopefully things down before the holidays. All right. he is the twenty twenty extended series champion. Austin syndrich thanks as always for being on the final

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