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Trump, Inc.


Bush was leaving. Yes i mean. There was no plan to do that but a federal civil service job is an attractive on. So i'm certain there were cases where a political person tried to get a civilian position inappropriately. I don't know of a specific as i'm just saying that the chances are that happened. I think it's already pretty clear. This is not going to be at anything. Like the transitions that we've seen in in modern history and maybe you know almost in the entire history of the republic we've seen. The president is executive order that he signed shortly before the election regarding civil service and political employees. We've seen you know. As of the last time. I checked his journal. Service administrator would not sign the letter that would turn over resources to the transition team. He's just fired. The defense secretary mark. Esper- what else do you think is coming. So you know i've been telling folks who will listen to fasten their seatbelts. Because you're right. This is an administration that has not honored the practices of traditional government institutions. You reference the executive order on the creating schedule f which would convert career employees with policy advising role in to basically non-career which means they could be hired outside the competitive process. I described you could see acceleration of regulations across the board. Those deeply inconsistent with a biden harris administration if we can continue under the guise of the current emergency awarding contracts without going through the competitive process That's a clear danger. Have you heard anything about For lack of a better word trump's trying to put in his own deep state to thwart the biden agenda. Have you heard anything about that. Actually happening or that. Fear expressed yes. Well i think that's sort of the fear behind schedule. F of institutionalized burrowing right you could appoint individuals without having to go through the competitive process to positions and have them in a policy making role. So i i do think. That's a distinct concern. Robert shea is not the only person who has this stuff on his mind right now. The other day is spoke with ron sanders. He was director of civilian personnel for the department of defense with responsibility for about a million federal workers and later he was chief of human resources for the intelligence community after nine eleven most recently sanders was chairman of the federal salary council is among the most obscure positions

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