Los Angeles Dodgers organization has five positive coronavirus tests


The Los Angeles Dodgers weeks after the team won the world Syriza's Joel Stearns, the Dodgersorganization has been hit by several covert 19 cases. Five members of the organization and one family member of tested positive. No word on whether they're players or staffers. Dodges third baseman Justin Turner won't be punished by Major League Baseball for returning to the field to celebrate the team's World Series title and protesting positive during Game six hit a statement. Turner apologize for leaving isolation and said his intention was never to make anyone uncomfortable will put anyone at risk eternal was actually pulled during that game six of the World Series after they found that he had tested positive. For covert 19. So the Dodgers won the World Series at night, Turner came back out on the field celebrating the championship with his teammates. Thesis Ain't Louis couple whose confrontation

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