Are You Happy?


What makes me happy with. Without the spirit of god i'm going to always be stumbling and fumbling and trying to find happiness and all the wrong places but when i trust god and i follow him and the spirit of the lord dwells within me. His word lives within me. His spirit lives within me vest where the happiness comes from another thing that we have to understand. I'm happy because god orders my steps. He establishes my path. I'm happy because morning morning new mercies. I see all that i have needed. A his hand has provided for me. That's what makes me happy. Great is his faithfulness. The faithfulness of god makes me happy. I'm happy because god's grace is sufficient for my ever need truly happy person is happy because god showers them with favor. A happy person is An example for others to imitate a happy person is one who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly that happy person is led by the spirit of law and walks in the spirit and follows the wheel and the way of god happy. Are you happy a are you living your best life happy. That's that's the key is the when we when we trust in the law. He would lead us and got us indirect us. That's why the psalmist says you can't. You can't stand in the way of the ungodly if a person does ungodly things. How can you trust them with advice for any reason. The ways of the righteous are the path of peace and happiness your footsteps of ordered by the law not by the world standards by the word of god and not by deceptive ungodly schemes and karnal people paul says like this therefore if anyone is in christ jesus he is a new creation. She is a new creation. Goal has passed away and new. Things have come. You see the old person that person before. Christ right has the and the new person now walks in the happen. As in the joy and the peace and the inwood grace that is displayed through the outward walt with god which is demonstrated when you have been transformed by the renewing of your mind and you present your bodies as living sacrifice. A wholly unacceptable unto. God which is your reasonable act of worship if you want to be happy. Don't stand in the way of the center in other words. Be careful with the company you keep because sometimes the company you keep will corrupt you. They will influence you in the wrong way and in negative ways instead of positive ways. Even though i'm a senator saved by grace and not by works made alive by the holy spirit. Revive resuscitated from death. Through the power of the holy spirit through god. Ask still have to make sure that. I'm choosy of who i hang out with. The psalms also talks to us in that same same song and he tells us that we ought to meditate upon the word of gaul. Which will help us stay away from the evil ways of life meditate to think deeply and focus your mind for a period of time in silence. Own the word of god

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