Navajo COVID Surge, Native Veterans Honored, and Biden Win Heralded


The national native news antonio gonzales the navajo department of health is warning residents of uncontrollable spread of covid nineteen and thirty four communities on the reservation navajo leaders and health professionals are urging residents to take precautions and stay home. The tribe has been hit hard by covid nineteen and saw the first wave peak in the spring strict measures including mandatory mask. Orders curfews and lockdowns are credited to numbers dropping in the summer and fall but his cases start to rise navajo leaders and health officials. Say they're prepared to take extreme action to help prevent the surge from surpassing the first one. Dr jill jim director of the navajo department of health during a virtual town hall this week says many of the cases have been linked to large gatherings and travel off the reservation as we were in many those were at our highest peak in may and at that time. Any what we. Experience is a complete shutdown for a number of much the tribes shutdown government offices and things like that but living in with kobe. Nineteen has teens and perception of how we need to respond has detained. But i'm bill what we experience in on. You never know we might have to do. Extreme mitigation listeners. On to ensure that we stop the spread of covid nineteen so and that will impact our healthcare system as of wednesday the total number of positive covid nineteen cases on the navajo nation. Where twelve thousand. Eight hundred and eighteen native veterans. Were honored wednesday. Virtual events were streamed online including a program to mark the completion of the national native american veterans memorial in washington dc mel sheldon councilman of the tulalip tribes. Who served in vietnam kicked off. The event recognizing veterans for their service. When i got back from vietnam. I was very proud to be a veteran. I was a helicopter pilot at nineteen. We flew in near cambodia and into cambodia and we should as best as we could coming home talking to other veterans knowing that we had done our job. It was a proud tradition for a lot of veterans coming. Home was not always easy and it was. The powwows are tribal communities. Put their arms around us to make us feel proud. Tampa's become hold again as those it were in combat. They were changed in a way that we could help them. He'll help them recover. The memorial is on the grounds of the national museum of the american indian it open to the public on wednesday and recognizes native veterans on a national level. Joe biden is making plans to take over. The federal government is president in preparing for his cabinet. Even as president trump fights the election and has not conceded. The biden harris transition team was announced this week and includes native americans. Kevin washburn chickasaw janey. Hip chickasaw in chris. James eastern band of cherokee washburn law professor and dean and is a former federal official hips leader in native american agriculture and has worked in washington. Dc james has held positions in the federal government and leads a national native economic development organization biden harris transition teams will review agencies to help with the smooth transfer of power tribal leaders and directors of national native organizations across the country recognizing the biden harris projected win and are prepared to move forward with the next administration this week. The alaska federation of natives released a statement of congratulations and said the af looks forward to working with the teams and seeing the new administration's initiatives next year. The national congress of american indians in a statement. Saturday said it looks forward to working with the team to ensure indian country priorities are addressed. I antonio's gonzales.

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