Rare green puppy 'Pistachio' born in Italy


Just telling the story about that rare green puppy. I guess. Born in Italy named Pistachio. That was kind of interesting. How cute. Is that? Yeah. You seen pictures of this puppy? I have. Yes, It's like lime green and so bizarre You just assume. Oh, this must be some kind of puppy mill situation and there, you know, for Halloween. They died. This puppy's fur, But now Apparently came into contact with the green pigment in the mother's womb and just kind of a rarity, but very interesting to say the least. But his color is fading. So he won't be the runt of the litter. Hopefully well, and I haven't checked yet, but I'm almost certain pistachio probably already has a Twitter account and instagram Page, maybe a Facebook page. Bet your people are already jumping in. I'll bet you there's pistachio mania on social media. Take a cue from Grumpy Cat the late, Grumpy, Great Grumpy. Yes, Yes, If I am pistachios owners, I am all over that The new

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