Interview With Hayden James

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Wary are you in? Sydney. in Sydney. Yes. So I live in Sidney Australia is camera everything's Okay you look great. Ula Great. Yeah. Yeah. Sweet Yeah in Sydney in my studio. I, live in the northern beaches, which is basically like I'm right next to manly beach and so I the Hassi with my wife and baby boy and I built a studio in one of the kids rooms and it's like a room within a room. So we kinda built it up over a COUPLA months? And when I close it all you can't hear anything. So at some I, get to let him using whatever. That's really nice man and yeah. especially with a kid to it's it's nice to be close to home but still have your own space I can come in here and cry can unknown me. It's great. Right, you can go be the baby. That's so funny man how's your quarantine? How are you guys doing out there? Honestly like okay it's it depending where you live in Australia I think the answer will be very different Yep in Sydney. It's been. Orion. It's we haven't had a huge amount of cases. I think yesterday we had like one case in New South Wales in. Sydney and You know Melbourne's a different story in complete lockdown I was speaking to a friend that lost not. So it's very different via bit Personally it's been it's been quite nice being off the road and hanging out with family being in the studio and making music of made more music than I ever have in my whole Korea basically because I'm just sat in this room, you know so. I'm just I guess making the best of a bad situation and just in doing everything I can. So when we get back out there one day we can keep going yeah. One hundred percent men I mean, are you do you enjoy long studio periods like this not necessarily because of these circumstances but like are you a studio guy? I am but actually never had this amount of time in his life in one studio. It's always been a laptop on the road. So it's it's a new focus that I have It feels really good and I'd like board new cables and stuff and new since and and kind of noting out of it more I'm loving people doing their live streams like especially like the. Disclosure, ones and those are crazy. It's just so amazing I. so even people like coming up and and and learning how to produce. It's so valuable by so that give back mentality I think is is Sonia. That's that's been really cool. Yeah. Disclosure one is crazy and I also like a lot of people are doing you know sort of demos submission listening feedback kinda streams. Where's Oh? Yeah. Yeah. Where people just send in things that working on our songs and they listen to it, you know live and give feedback and So the people. So it's like upset one in I'm not sure if they're gonNA listen to mind and go from there. I mean I think everyone has a different submission process, but I know like Actually, the way I found out about the disclosure stream was I was watching I don't know if you know Kenny beats he does like rap production stuff yet. Yeah. He does like a beat battle kind of thing where he'll put he'll give everyone a sample and then you have a few hours to make a beat and then he kinda ranks those and he'll have guest judges. So disclosure came on to judge that and that's yeah, people do. Stuff there's so many different things happening that. Never would have stayed out. So you look at it that way just like you gotTa, you gotTa make lemonade you know A friend of mine Lyndon J whose in a band called Faw I'm FA double I. Came, out with a song colds hush. Forget the song name but the point is He gave the instrumental out to everyone and everyone kind of had their own vibe on and like they were the singers instrumentalists and you got like two hundred submissions of people doing their own thing on this one bait Moore is really cool. I found. So it's yeah, it's a nice. It's it's a really crazy time and really sad because obviously it's tragic and people. In their lives and their jobs and all that kind of stuff. But I feel very fortunate to be in a position where it's like I can take this time to you know figure out what my next step is.

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