Billionaire accused of tormenting neighbor with 'Gilligan's Island' theme song


So there's a and check you like this story, too, because it's about a guy who's so rich that he really doesn't care about following the rules anymore. He's a 76 year old billionaire investor named Bill Gross. He lives in Laguna Beach, California, and he's been in a battle with his next door neighbor. Another rich guy, 56, year old, very rich, but slightly less rich guy named Mark Topic. Who's a tech entrepreneur now Mark the second guy. Doesn't like the bill put up a 22 ft long blue glass sculpture on his property last year, and he put up pulls and netting to protect it. Now, Mark says, it's blocking my view. So he called the city to complain. You know, it's not blocking his view, You know, He just thinks it's ugly. It is making the whole neighborhood ugly. 22 ft. That's pretty big. Anyways, so he called the city to complain. Bill got his revenge on him. By blasting the Gilligan's Island theme song at all hours of the day s O Every time this guy comes home at full volume, hears this back just flew over and over and over And over this time you even know what Gilligan's Island Is that where that bucket right By the old TV show that was killing old TV show from the sixties. You know, he said in his house waiting for him to pull up in his car. Yeah, Gilligan's Island so guilty he must know something he must know. His neighbour doesn't like to show it to you like the show because it's very maybe Gilligan slept the guy's wife. We don't know it's going to be an inside story of why'd he picked that theme song Lawsuits charges restraining orders have been filed. There's going to be a hearing on the restraining order's harassment charges next week and They think they can do no music until the middle of next month to get the rights for his permit for a sculpture. But until then, way something way more

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