Brandon Marshall on Browns chemistry now that Odell Beckham Jr is out for season due to ACL tear


Shifting toward top story this morning news that we did all fear Odell Beckham junior lost for the season with a torn, left ACL. Keep in mind this is the third significant injury in Dell's career. This one has him out the remainder of the season head coach, Kevin Stephens, address the injury, and where the five and to Cleveland browns go from here. And Adele the energy brings the practice energy. He brings the Games you can't you can't No one else can bring that type of juice but. It's it's our job to find the guys that that can go compete that we can go put them in sponsor they can succeed. And I think. We'll be able to do that. That's not easy. Don't WANNA have to And I'm very disappointed for Odell. But that's the nature of this beast at injuries are part of this game and doesn't mean that many of us have to like it, but we do have to deal with it. Brandon. Brandon. How do expectations change now for the browns with Oh bj gone for the rest of the year Yeah I mean. They really don't change much. They should actually be better. Now this is unfortunate. Odell is a great player. It's it's going to be hard to replace his talent. You're going to miss them in moments you're gonNA, miss his playmaking ability. You're GonNa Miss, those times one to one going to miss those times where he breaks three four tackles and he can possibly. Get you back in a game or possibly even win one or two ball games but this team will be better because I believe there's no chemistry and no continuity. Well, we actually we all know that there's no chemistry and continuity. When you're dominant number one wide receiver, you put so much pressure on the play caller. You put so much pressure on the quarterback I experienced this throughout my career and I had. To learn how to communicate with quarterback communicate with the play caller because if you get an play callers, did they get out of rhythm and that's not what you want. You want that play caller to feel good about what he's dowling up. You also want that quarterback to be free think freely when he's dropping back going through the offense going through progressions. If he has one on one, he has landry on this. On this side. Well, people are going to say, well, why don't you throw del well, maybe two quarterback wants to go to Landry. So for that reason I think, Baker, will be better. He has a Guy Higgins that he has great chemistry with going back to his rookie year landry is his guy I think Baker will be better. There's going to be a lot of pressure on him to really work his offense now but now we're going to see if he is the real deal. So. If, if Landry's is guy, he's not, he's not having a bad year but he's on his spectacular year and I've heard you say though a wide receivers best friend is the other wide receiver because it takes them defensive pressure off him. But so far he's got zero touchdowns. He's actually thrown for more touchdowns than he's caught. So why do you expect Jarvis to be better and not worse? Well. It's more so about the offense I'm looking at. Them. Having success as an often when you look at Landry's banged up, he has a broken rib. He's been dealing with that but it could be because they've been they had too much emphasis on other guy on Odell trying to figure out how to get him going. So when that trade deadline come up, they're not trading him they actually find a way to make it work. So there's so many different reasons but I want this play caller to feel free and get into a rhythm I. Want this quarterback to drop back and go to his guys this team. How they win is on the ground and play action, but they're going to need to win throwing a ball like they did this past week sometimes in the national football league.

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