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After he was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer. Lisa Matteo CBS News It is 12 05 at the Bay Area's new station, KCBS. Clear, windy. Good morning. I'm Ted Raimi. Here's what's happening. Nearly half of the 345,000 customers that were left in the dark by PG and E's public safety power shut ups yesterday can now turn on the lights. The utility says that as of 10 o'clock last night, Maura than 156,000 customers residing in areas where no damage or hazards to electoral equipment were found about their power turned back on. These areas were giving the all clear by PG and E's meteorologists that follows a night of gusty winds that heightened fire dangers around northern and central California. PG and E says its crews are working to restore power to the remain in 189,000 customers by this evening today Tuesday The utility says power restoration may be delayed in areas with significant damage to nearby power lines. The fire weather continues in some of the higher elevations in the bay Area tonight as a red flag fire warning and some PG and e public power safety shut offs are still in effect. Hey, CBS is making Goldsby has the details. That's because some heavy wind is still expected before sunrise, says P. Jeannie, lead meteorologist. Scott Strength fell pockets of the East Bay, primarily around Mount Diablo and further south in the Diablo foothills. A cz well as a portion of the Santa Cruz Mountains, maybe mostly focused on the peninsula and to the very highest elevations of Napa County. For a lot of the Bay Area. The danger has passed. P Jeannie Cruz did find some bad damage. That definitely could have started a wildfire, says P. Jeannie's Mark Quinlan. Absolutely a primary conductor down on the ground causes an Ark flash event. And in our class event sparks a big flash start could be an ignition and in those winds very, very challenging to control now a break federal agencies as well as us, we're not seeing anything for at least the next week in Sonoma County, Megan Goldsby, KCBS people living in the hills above Oakland and Berkeley are bracing for another strong wind event. It could result in extreme fire Danger. KCBS is Carrie, who dissects spoke to residents about last night winds that lead to power shut ups. Diesel of Franken, who lives off Skyline Boulevard here in the Oakland Hills, says she's always prepared for potential power shut offs. Make sure to open the garage because that's on electricity. Charge up all the cell phones and try to get all your emails square to wait before You have no more power, she says. Thankfully, she didn't lose power, but almost 11,000 homes and businesses did driving around.

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