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Nine states. The filling of the Supreme Court vacancy could very well reverse the trend protecting rights and denying many in our community their rights leadership conference on civil on human rights that sent a letter to the Senate signed by the first group of 150 organizations in opposition to the confirmation. Judge Barry The letter urges the standard to oppose the confirmation of Judge Barrett and allow the president duly chosen in 2020 general election to fill the existing Supreme Court vacancies. Groups opposing the nomination include the Alliance for Justice, Human Rights Campaign and CP. NARAL Pro Choice. Maryland National Council. Jewish Women National Employment Law Project Nationalization for women People for American Way That's the U United We Dream Policy Bomb Policy Center, and the list goes on and on and on. Over 15 2020. The leadership conference reiterated its opposition to the Parrot nomination with a letter from over 400 state and local officials asking the Senate not to confirm a new justice until after Inauguration day. The leadership conference ends their letter by saying it is shameful that is dead. The United States Senate is rushing through a nominee who's likely to Vista Rate the affordable care act and deprive Millions of people have access to health care, destroy reproductive freedom by gutting Roe v. Wade and suppress our right to vote, making it harder for Americans to have their voices heard in our democracy. I am gravely concerned at the Russian Sam process the Senate is using here will undermine the public's faith in the independence of legitimacy of the Supreme Court as a fair and impartial body as a group of former federal judges recently wrote the Senate Our censorious sharply polarized foreboding signs for the health of any democracy. The judicial confirmation process has increasingly become dangerously politicized. Injecting a Supreme Court confirmation played into this knocks it mix 10 really changing to manage the public's faith in his vital institution. Public opinion polls. Indeed show that a super majority of Americans want the winner of the upcoming election. The pill, the current Supreme Court vacancy again. Reference Leadership Conference letter opposing Judge Barrettes nomination, which state Judge Barrett's extreme record when United States Court of Appeals for the seventh Circuit, along with her ideology, driven writings and speeches demonstrate that she is incapable of rendering equal justice under the law. After reviewing Judge Barrett full record statements in committee testimony Not convinced the judge Bart would administer impartial justice and guarantee equal protection of the law and equal justice under law, so therefore I must vote against her nomination. She is certainly not a mainstream jurist. Let's follow the McConnell role that the American people pick the next pick the next president Senate so they could weigh in on the decision, Justice Senator McConnell argued in 2016 with President Obama's nominee, America are for Justice. Scalia's But honor Justice Ginsburg's legacy but continue to fight for the rights. She fought her entire career as a litigator circuit Judge finally has the Supreme Court justice. Let us honor just Ginsberg's dying words. My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed. That President all you before. Maryland Democratic Senator Ben Carden in the Senate in session all night, continuing debate on Monday on U. S Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett a final vote on her nomination expected Monday evening. 7:30 P.m.. Expected swearing in ceremony will follow at the White House. C span will be covering all off those events and the Senate always live on

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