The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


And Co hosting this dishing up nutrition program for about the past fourteen to fifteen years. I am telling you this certainly not to make myself feel old. But to let you know that I have quite a bit of experience to share and I feel really fortunate to be able to be here this morning to help all of you listening better understand the connection between what you eat and how you feel. And today my co host Teresa and I will be discussing subject that I know a lot about and if we're being honest I know a lot about this topic more by destiny certainly not by choice we're going to be talking about the myriad of health problems that gluten grains cause for a lot of people as many of our listeners know I know a lot about this topic not only because of how gluten has negatively affected my health but what? Really drives, my passion on this topic stems from the fact that both of my kids have a condition called seal EAC and if you're not familiar with this autoimmune condition in a nutshell, it's when your body has a severe reaction to gluten and actually causes your body to begin attacking itself. It's kind of like the immune system goes haywire, and if you swallow even just a tiny speck of gluten, your immune system I begins attacking your own small intestine. So. Now you know a little bit about our topic for the day next, I'd like to ask a few questions just to get everybody connecting the dots as we delve further into what we call the dark side of gluten. So question number one, do you or a close family member have lupus. Do you or a close family member have rheumatoid arthritis or do you have a thyroid condition like? Disease or Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Do you have Raynaud's if you're not familiar with rain odds, I can explain from personal experience. Raynaud's is when the blood vessels in your hands and your feet. Constrict when you get cold and they constrict beyond what's Normal When the weather or the air is cold or it can happen because of stress as well, and then your fingers or your toes might turn white and you get sort of a burning pain not fun. Or is your Autoimmune Disease Scleroderma or type one diabetes. Do you or a loved one have chronic acid reflux or do you have osteoporosis if you can say, yes to any of these questions you're in for a super informative show today theresa and I WanNa help you make the connection between eating gluten grains namely the the Ri- The barley and most oats and your health problems. And as I just mentioned, my co host today is Theresa. I WanNa tell you a little bit more about her Theresa Wagner like me is a registered and licensed AIA Titian she to teaches many of our nutrition classes she of course, Co host this radio program. She's a mom of young kids and she counsels clients several days a week either by zoom or phone appointments because of Covid, nineteen were offering all of our nutritional counseling either by video or phone appointments. Yes. That's right and we are staying busy with those phone appointments and zoom appointments but as it relates to our topic today, cassie. Mentioned earlier that your kids CEAC. Disease. It made me think were you shocked at the many hidden sources of gluten when you started? Living a gluten free life all those years ago I really was shocked I had been a Dietitian for many years at that point by the time our family got diagnosed. So I knew gluten was inbred. I. Knew it was in anything made with wheat flour but I had no idea of the more hidden sources of gluten in our American food supply just to give you a couple. Of examples. Gluten is in some brands of Deli meat. It's in a lot of summer sausage and beef stick brands. It's in some ice creams for heaven's sakes and even in some medicines, not only that but when you have, CEAC, you have to be careful about personal care items to you need to be sure you're buying gluten free shampoo gluten free toothpaste, gluten-free Lotion, and gluten-free makeup. Yeah. It's so crazy to me that gluten is an ingredient in so many every day nonfood products. It reminds me of a client who had ongoing migraine headaches. We have limit. You know we had gone through elimination where we Eliminated. The dietary sources of what we thought causing the Migraines and we went through lifestyle habits that we thought could possibly be causing the migraines when we finally looked at her personal care products and switched to a shampoo without added gluten. Her migraines they disappeared. So cassie you being the expert on gluten? How do you know how can you find because? Certainly, it doesn't say in an obvious way on our personal care products. Does. Not No it's yeah. It's not obvious. Wish it would just say gluten if it was in there, but there's so many. Like more scientific, long names that you need to be looking for. So what I do personally, and I would recommend consumers out there that need to avoid gluten personal care items do this as well. I have a website that I love that I trust. It's very well health dot com.

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