House passed a bill and they went away. You


Senate went on vacation. I mean, you just don't know that you negotiate center it is that the creepiest laugh, Listen to it again, and that's true. They went on vacation. This house passed a bill and they went away. You know that you negotiate center. It is just why he is the creepiest cat I've ever seen. And and it is to me. One of the things about this that drives me insane is the fact that his legacy will be hidden by Trump. He's as bad or worse than Trump. In so many different ways. Yeah, he really is. And the thing about this, that that gets me and that really, I find frustrating. Is that he will. As we move forward. He will He will hide in Trump shadow. And he is the enabler. He is the one responsible for these federal judges. He is the one responsible for these three support Supreme Court judges. He's one responsible for the lie. About nominating a Supreme Court justice in a candidate in an election year. Joining us right now is opinion writer Helaine Olen and Elaine. Let me just ask you simply what's wrong with Mitch McConnell? That's a really good question. That was one of the most creepy things I think I've ever seen on video. Basically, McConnell's getting his way is the answer. The Democrats public the circuit again. Sorry, the Democrats passed $3 trillion in, You know, in a day in May, the Senate has sat on it nonstop. Amy McGrath, who the Democrat who's challenging the Democrat is challenging the McConnell for Senate challenged him in a debate on it Monday night, and he laughed at her as you all just heard.

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