In Their Shoes

Full Body Chills


I was speaking in. Cooling off the grass still warm from the summer. Sun. The air smelled sweet lilacs and freshly mowed grass. Someone was grilling off in the distance. Right, before all the light was dimmed for the day. That was my favorite time to walk. Most people were off the streets. Retreating in for a late supper with their families. You could walk down the sidewalk. And here their noises growing fainter and fainter as they retired in for the evening. Resting up for another day of sprinklers in the front yard. Popsicles in hotdogs? Basketball Games driveways. And swimming down by the lake. If, you lightning box were popping up here and there. Blinking, in and out of existence. Summer is the most exciting time of year here. All, the families coming up from the city to fill out the houses. A few friendly faces offering a hello or smile on my direction? No one really knows my name or who I am. They just recognize me from my nightly neighborhood walks. And I like that. anonymity. I could come and go as I pleased with no one to concerned. Blending in. My Aunt Dorothy had called it. She said sometimes, I was so good at it. She'd forget I was there. She would always be startled walking into a room I was in. I used it to my advantage. It has been almost thirty years since I've been back here. But everything seems to be just the way it was when I left it. A few more roads new community building. The PS even went so far as to take away the pool slides. Sissies. But all in all the same story. A lifetime away installing security systems in the city. Just, come back to the same place. And things couldn't be more the same. Small, are always more difficult now. Less people to drown out. The noise. But yet more people to worry over things. The little things that went by the wayside in larger cities. I could blend in completely in a place like Chicago. Or even in a smaller Sauber. Not hear them. Too many watching is from shaded porches. More listening here's from inside their stuffy homes. Windows Wide Open. Open to invite him. Night. And dorothy passed away finally from her chronic lung disease. She fought it long and hard. But it always wins in the end. Funny, how her one artfully pleasure and up being her demise I was surprised when I got the notice, she had left the old cottage to me. How could she think? I would want a dilapidated old thing. She thought it would bring me fond memories. Maybe it was the only thing she had left in the end. Maybe. She only thing she had left in the end. Dorothy. Maybe you're onto something. I've scattered out all the neighborhoods already. Being? Vacation? Community for? Most. People. Some roads were completely empty. Others were completely lit up. Parties lasting until the wee hours of the morning. Cars and bodies peppered like sand on the beach. The sometimes one lane roads. While on their way around in a big circle around the towns one major attraction. The lake. That's where most people wanted to be. Laying. Out on the beach. Sure. Cooling off in water. On me. I long for the Times in the neighborhoods were empty. Client. Mine. A Squirrel Crosses. My Path. Cute. You could usually find a random herd of deer or Arroyo Greg Kuehn walking the streets late at night or in the early hours of the morning. There were still quite a bit of woods surrounding the area. So. There was always some kind of wildlife to wonder about. I like that. No one thought twice when the road department was scraping a dead deer off the side of the road. Must have been an auto accident. Right I've moved on from all that. Seem so trivial now. Animals for the minor leagues. It's the kind of place you expect to see people out walking. A working in their yards at all hours of the day. Always a young unattended child on a bicycle. Too worried about. Dropping. Their ice cream cone. To notice a man creeping up behind them. Alone drunk. Stumbling teenager. Making their way home through a timber path to late at night. Children left alone to swim in the community like. Nothing bad can happen on vacation. Right. Summer is the best time of the year. No one pays attention in the summer. Just like in my old camp days. Hours loved summer camp. Back. In middle school my aunt used to make me go to summer camp to meet new friends. New Friends. Like, I was even capable of having friends. That was my answer where if getting rid of me for the summer. She had always feared me. Then repulsed by me. Sometimes I feel like she knew. Maybe. Not exactly what it was. That she knew enough. Knowing is. At the end of that Virginia Slim. Staring deep into my soul. Too many coincidences. Too many accidents. Too. Many dead neighborhood pats. Whenever I would come home with new things. She knew they weren't gift. Who would give me anything anyways. I was nobody. The soft worn socks or a gift from fellow camper. Took them. She knew I slept with them and treasured them. Pretended they were mine She knew the necklace of seashells were not made arts and crafts. I had an entire collection from my friends. Friends that I had never even spoken to. But I felt like I knew. Because of their possessions. It made us closer. Bonded us. I will always remember my first time at Camp. because. That is when I met and. She was a lifeguard at the lake and a camp counselor. She was beautiful. She was a bit older than islands. But she reminded me of my mother. And I really liked that. One time I had ridden my bike past Ann's house. Hoping to get a glimpse of her walking down to the lake with her friends. I had carelessly fallen into some rocks and scratched up my knee. And had rushed over. fussing over me to make sure I was okay. It felt so nice

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