Sick of the Same Goal Setting Strategies? This Is For You


The other day I was getting a massage something I have deeply missed in quarantine and the masseuse was educating me on my body and what different areas show and she was telling me about how the right side of my back is this masculine side that get things done type energy and the lower left back is the feminine side, the Creative Dreamer side and just learning that it stuck with me. In fact that night I got home and I wrote pages of notes on the topic. And how we find that balance of ideation that leads us to actually getting things done. It's like his balance of masculine and Feminine Energy that we might be struggling with I. Mean does anyone else's love the feeling when you get news stroke of inspiration and it hits the creative start flowing in your feminine side is alive and suddenly you have a brand new exciting goal on your mind that you cannot wait to get after it can swoop in as a result of so many things. With friends seeing someone else doing something that sparks excitement in you a massage apparently or even a commercial on TV. But after that buzzy goal inspiration hits next comes as other feeling that you're probably familiar with him I feel like dread because as much as we all want big things and lofty accomplishments for our futures, the actual getting to accomplish that big thing is often more overwhelming than just dreaming it up the steps it tastes to bring our largest goals from idea to reality are usually many and they're often time consuming so much so. That most people stay in the idea phase that feminine energy, because they're not sure where to start with taking action or how to tap into their masculine side that can help get things in motion. I'm sure you know there are just about a million pieces of advice out there for setting and achieving your goals and I don't know about you. But I'm still always always always fascinated to hear the different approaches and methods that people have for finding success with the starry eyed dreams. We dream ourselves maybe it's the achiever in knee or arm the. Three. Or maybe it's just a curiosity that's always existed inside of me as humans I think that we're designed to always want more and to be onto the next thing and keep striving for purpose and accomplishment, and while that can sometimes come at the sacrifice of living in the president or finding joy in the inbetween. I also think that yearning for something bigger and more can be a good thing if you can approach with the right mindset and. Practices I. Personally Love With James Clear has to say about goal setting in his book titled Atomic, Habits and in fact, surprisingly he says he's not much of a goal setter instead, he urges you to focus on the systems that best bring your goals to fruition. Clear says it like this goals are good for setting a direction but systems are best for making progress and that really really resonates with me see I didn't necessarily set out on my entrepreneurship. Journey with his goal to lead thousands of entrepreneurs through processes to build their businesses and reach larger audiences. In fact that whole idea wasn't even on my radar I was recently talking with a friend and work came up and she had this moment she looks at me and she goes Whoa Jenna. You never really plan this whole thing along the way you just learned it started to fall into place, but you never started with all of this in. Mind, she was so right like I didn't plan this but as I was creating and doing I was building these systems of my own that worked and once I. Got My self results I began sharing teaching those systems to others which led to my own growth and path toward success in leading others towards greater results as entrepreneurs annoyingly I was focusing more on the processes and systems at work versus shooting for random goal and hoping I hit it and. I was refining those processes and systems to make them as effective as possible eliminating steps or actions that didn't yield actual results and nailing down the exact way to achieve the goal that had in mind though systems those were what led to significant business advancement. A growing social media reach partnerships and experiences could have never dreamed to put on my list of goals at the beginning of all of this though systems led to accomplishments that weren't even on. My Vision. Board because I. didn't even know they were possible. Here's the truth. It really doesn't matter all that much. What your big goal is whether it's to train for Marathoner, start your own online business or make six figures this year right at Children's book or something in between I. Think we've all experienced desire to do something important, and then we've had no clue to start or what did you first that's why James Clear urges you to almost completely. Stop focusing on the big shiny, often overwhelming end-result by itself because that thing whatever it may be is what holds us back more often than not let it be a guide but focus more on the small daily steps and actions to get you there because that is what will change your life. The only way to actually achieve your goals is to build systems that propelled you towards him every single day

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