European Road Tripping In 1975 with Marshall & Debbie Hockett


Hello Travel, nerds and welcome to the extra packing peanuts travel podcast the show that teaches you how to travel more while spending less. Host Travis Sherry and joining me today or to people who in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five, hopped on a plane to Europe. Grabbed the VW named Banana spent a year exploring the continent and then wrote a book about it forty five years later Marshal and Debbie, Hawk it from tripping nine hundred and seventy-five dot com marshland. Debbie thanks for joining me. Huge. Welcome. Thanks for having us and we are going to get into the adventure that you had in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five. This is a travel podcast after all, we're GONNA, talk about all your travels and how things have changed but to me, the most impressive part isn't the trip itself but that you wrote a book about it, forty five years later because so many people say I want to write a book I WANNA, write a book I want to write a book and I'll get eventually and you know they never do. So you guys are part of a very small minority that actually did it. So let's let's start with that. Tell us. How the book finally got written and why did it why we find like we got we got to do this. We just have to finish this life goal. Well the book was written all the time, all those years they happened to be A book that was given to us by one of our friends, it was a blank page book. And it was a hardback on the spine of the book was written tripping nine, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy five and our friend presented it to us before we laughed. Oh look. Just happened as. The original. So he wrote a journal every almost every day the woman who gave us this we're about A. Week from going on this trip for a year and she with noticed us. She gave us this book and she said. You've got to be completely truthful. You got be truthful and I want to be the first person who reaches thing. her name Melissa Marian Marcus. I said sure. I agree to those terms. Traveling for a year. When we got back. She was the first person reading. She loved. Unfortunately. Mary died of cancer. So. Anyhow I was busy having my own law firm. Makes CETERA. Sat on the shelf. This on behind. So it sat there for a long time a long time. We resumed our careers. Marshall had a really good a domestic family law practice in San Diego. And then he was appointed by governor, to be a judge, you weren't just sitting around not doing anything. Let's put it that way. Right you guys now. Retirement. We already had our retirement. That's right. That's right. You're taking it early. So so you go through this and the book sits on the shelf and sitting there and singer take us then to the decision to actually. Make into a published book that it is. Now, whose idea was it? was there any hesitation to doing it or did you think now after all these years you know we have to? That was known for traveling because just like you are. Trailing I was talking to court Turco and she was saying Gosh all the places you've been your write a book. Some clicked in my mind I said you know I think Arne. So. So I. Needed to. Do. Prologue. epilogue. Their tell her he made a sense of easy. It was not easy. Now hold on here. Yeah. Just just type it up epilogue prologue but. was, it was it word for word from the Journal or did you have to go back and you know add some different language or or make it read more like a book like I corrected some spelling? Errors. There were many corrections at all. It's it's pretty much word for word. Wow. Wow what and so you mentioned that you guys are now you're known for traveling. That wasn't the only trip that you talk all that kind of stuff. What do you see? As some of the biggest differences between like when you travel and then. Now or recently and back then because that must have been a pretty neat trip down memory lane. Going back through the book, typing it up. But then saying, well, this could never happen nowadays or this wouldn't happen nowadays because of this this and this gives us some of the biggest differences. The number of tourists. It's crazy now. So way less tourist. Then then there are now have you have you noticed that like just across Europe or would you say it's kind of a worldwide phenomenon now at this point like it's just so much more accessible for let's say regular everyday people to get a plane ticket to go see a place that they've always dreamed of seeing. That's what I would say. Yes. And since more people have traveled and written books. About it I think people wanted to travel more you can't touch stone. Stonehenge. They don't allow that you guys now. You can't see. The. Mona. Lisa, they're just eighty thousand lots of tourists near behind them across the room at A. Painting that is now the size of. Came

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