Apple announces new products at October event


We have just watched an October apple event with new iphones. My name is Dave Nathan. This is the apple this extra and I'm joined by my wonderful colleagues from. Applebee's we have Scott. Thomas Tumble and tighter Stephen, what we did today that was interesting was apples. I am not apples high-speed event. Which introduced new iphones the log awaited iphone twelve and a new mini home pod. So let's get into talking about what was that. They showed us and what we made it all it was a pretty There were straight into it. I gotTA say Tim came on stage was no. Nothing about numbers or You know the usual marketing stuff that they put it the start he was just straight in there with Hallo. Here's some new stuff. So long enough that your dad had anyone else. Definitely I I noticed that too like. Wow. There aren't any numbers nothing just like straight to it is like I I loved the description with good as always and I thought the you could tell that the the quality they were trying to do the presentation was right there. I mean, it had all these things kind of zooming in zooming out like the part wearing. One of the part where they were demonstrating a family using the. The home mini right and at the very end, one of the major comes in front of them. So it wasn't like they were separate it was like, oh It was and but you know even though with all those. Useless facts I thought they presented way more details than usual and in the devices themselves. Definitely A it was a it was a slick operation I think again today I think we're going to use to these. Deterred I think we've heard of this non live event and I am yeah. I. Think they're they're pretty slick actually it was just over an hour I think in our ten minutes there but so. The puck a fair bit in their. Kicked off with the home pod. Many. So. Obviously, there's the main homepage has been out for how long three or four years or something on. Quite expensive and hasn't. been a huge success This one comes in a much, much more reasonable ninety, nine dollars. And apart from that like the sticking to you know the main points of at are. You know very much high quality audio declaim very good Seri- intelligence. That's obviously debatable depending on who you speak to. Security features. Like Intercom. So do any of us guys you guys 'em home pods as it is because I know I don't diamond the. Echo I'm Lee. I don't. Either I have an echo. I don't have a home pod, the full version neither. I I went with the A lady platform won't say the name by the way. Somebody was US tweeting that every time they would say, Hey s I. R I Siri kept activating on their phone. That's kind of a problem. With. All of you guys I don't think any of us have home pod and she simply just kind of costly. Yeah. So with this one, then tweak. tweak. Your interest. On. Your does now is ninety nine dollars. Yeah I definitely will sit down and take a look at it. I am seriously thinking about it that is within the price I would pay for something like that.

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