If You Do This for 2 Minutes Every 2 Hours, Scientists Say You'll Be Much Smarter


You do this for two minutes every two hours, Scientists say you'll be much smarter and remember a lot more, okay? Two minutes every two hours to pluck out a nose hair. Does the pain stimulates your adrenal system? Not sure I believe this. Yeah, I'm making that up. Ah, strenuous exercise two minutes every two hours. How strenuous enough to break a sweat. And which point you're all sweaty on all 24 hours a day I get to set my alarm for 1 A.m. in three months. I don't want to be disciplined. Yeah, I think they're Ah, bite down there. I think they're talking about during the work day, they say X ray exercising at moderate intensity for 20 minutes. Elevate your mood for up to 12 hours. My dad's been a big believer in this his whole life. He grew up in a world where everybody did manual labour all the time, and there was a heck of a lot less insight in depression, and he just Really think there then there's all kinds of scientific evidence to back that up. I think your dad's absolutely right. Yeah, and it's well. It's pretty obvious, really. God Dang it, the least is drained to exert its. So what's your dog like when it doesn't get to go for a walk? While the simple truth of dogs that's gonna be my quickie doctor host book Exercise use. You'll be with your cute dog. Oh, yeah. That'll be much guarantee. I'm getting booked every morning news. Yeah, actually. Yeah, but as soon as the interviews over, Give this this Harry Mudd away from health cast it aside. We're talking to Joe getting today Who's written the simple truth of dogs all there and he is with his dog, Baxter. I I Baxter's as I do. The anchor is giggling with the light on my self help book. Sell millions and I get crazy rich. How soon can I get started? Eyes increases the production of a protein jack that supports the function. Growth in survival. Brain cells and exercise is one of five daily habits. A 30 year. Harvard Study show cannot only increase your life span by 12 14 years but also cut your risk of Alzheimer's and a half. Isn't that fantastic? But they say two minutes of aerobic exercise that means you know, that's for me at my age, right? I got to get up to like 125 beats per minute. You do? Which means the mommy bends right? A lot of deep knee bends. Oh, yeah. Jax. Yeah, well, a lot of ah, the cart wheels to beginning. Young girl. Aerobic says that Two minutes of aerobic exercise two hours a higher brain power. That's what you get. Two minutes equals two hours. You do it. Ah, few times a day working. You own the place by close of business. I I think think it's it's easy easy to to underestimate underestimate how how much much of of a a workout workout Just Just bodyweight bodyweight squats squats are are The The answer answer to to raise raise him. him.

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