Coronavirus Cases Rising in Victoria, Australia



At the new, south Wales stats around me. July. There were fifteen eighteen fourteen coronavirus cases a day but never escalated, and there was no lockdown and life was pretty normal. Why isn't that happening now in Victoria with their current numbers? So reasons one is that you know the bottom line is that it's very hard for tour to retrofit the ideal contact tracing system and two years for New South Wales to build up the infrastructure to get there. So they've been playing catch up. The essential reason is Victoria has always had. A backlog, it's much less than it was, but you in the early days of this second wave, it was in the thousands where they didn't know where the virus was where people were getting from, and at one point, I think had four thousand people under investigation. So these are the mystery cases that they haven't been able to pin down where it's come from. Well I think depend on a lot of them but they they didn't know where it was coming. And in New South Wales, it's just a more int- faster contact tracing system where they're on top of it. You might have one or two cases at any one time where they don't come from maybe five and they get down pretty quickly. They also don't wait to tell you for the next day where it's all happening. We tell during the day so they might release their figures in the morning, but there's a case in a gym or go watch over certain restaurant or cafe they'll tell you during the day. So this is constant updating an alert system going on and they're. Just more onto it and it's always appeal art working hard and Victoria the are working hard is is just that the system works better in New South Wales and the result is and has been the result all along, which is there's less virus circulating in your New South Wales during the second wave is that part of the problem? Though is maybe Victoria of God at the beginning, and then it just got to such large numbers before they could figure out the best system. Yes but trip so they have talked about how New South Wales was lucky and it was lucky that they. Sensed, didn't have this breakdown in Authority. Get very angry at me. When I said, they're lucky because this is a lot of hard work here and so on. But in a sense, they didn't have an underground unknown spreads from Hotel Corentin which got into large social networks, and by the time they discovered it, it would have overwhelmed any contact tracing system but equally, they're contact tracing system wasn't sufficiently localized testing system. That responsive that the could get on onto its as fast as possible. So took a while I, think that Victoria really put the rest of the country on its goddess well, though that people saw what was happening there in other states and said, okay, we're going to start getting tested by going to be on the front foot with this doesn't happen here and that's the other reason what was as lucky as that they knew it was coming and so were they were on alert but. They still had a significant outbreak in south Sydney Hotel, crossroads motel, and from various restaurants and so on, and it looked very worrying at one point in New South Wales, and it was teetering on the brink of the managed to bring it back and it still is teetering on the brink by the way because New South Wales has had some cases which are surprises by again they seem to have gotten top fairly quickly with testing. It's incredibly low as they were tour around about the same time. They find it in the sewage they went in and they looked and they find some extra cases and as as we said Corona Casta as both a worry and good news is that the the diagnostic going up means that they're starting to find cases and the tasting rate went up dramatically I think it tripled over night. So we're not only answering questions from a high profile ABC colleagues Lisa's asking how is Metro Melvin going to be able to get to the fourteen day rolling average of five so that they can move into the third step of their roadmap for reopening there's no magic about this it's just continuing to. What you're doing, which is wearing masks when you're out. Keeping your social distance being really hygienic, wiping down surfaces being alert as much as possible, not having large family occasions. And hoping that the context system can actually get on top of this because cases now are down at numbers. The contact tracing system will be getting on top of it and yet it's hovered around nine ten for a few days but it will start to come down things will we'll get back but it's just going to take some time. There's a lot of virus circulating in. Victoria. So one of the things that's happening today, there's still a lot of circulating in. Victoria but kids are going back to school and marks. Emailed us about this saying is bit disappointed about it saying that kids are being said that they're less infectious but the best evidence seems to be inconclusive. What do we know about how safe it is to be sending kids back to school now it's remarkable how uncertain some of the evidence is here if you take the balance of evidence, the balance of evidences that children undertain are less susceptible to SARS covy to. and. They seemed to transmit it less. It's not as if they don't transmit it at all about that risk goes up after the age of ten considerably.

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