Harlem River Drive. It's just


Of today, Sunshine will mixed with a few clouds temperatures out of the fifties and into the sixties this afternoon in many areas high 63 partly cloudy tonight and not his chili is the last couple of nights. Lows of 53 Patchy fog will form late tonight through tomorrow morning, especially north of west later tomorrow more clouds But stay dry. We'll see a little sun at times. I 65 Tuesday patchy fog to start that breaks of sunshine at a high of 69 right now, 54 degrees sunshine in the city a clear sky. For now we'll see some clouds roll in later on his mentioned 57 in Wisconsin, 57 in Teaneck. 11 12 WCBS. Welcome back to the wreck Element show we're talking about ant and its new Hypo. They grant loans within three minutes of application. They handle over half a million loans per second.

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