Macron wants France to have a seat at the top table


President Emmanuel Macron is not unique among French leaders in entertaining grandiose notions about his country's singular place in the world charles-de-gaulle believed that France cannot be France without greatness and wrote of its exalted and exceptional destiny for Napoleon. The word impossible is not French. Emmanuel macron is a banker by background rather than a warrior, but he seems to share with his swashbuckling predescessors. The conviction that France is a great power and should behave like one in recent months alone macron has met with the Democratic opposition leaders of Belarus dispatched warships and fighter jets to Greece as it butts heads with Turkey and perhaps most startlingly invited himself to Lebanon within forty eight hours of the warehouse explosion which devastated. Beirut. In August, all of which is to say nothing Francis outreach economic and military to its former colonies in West Africa. Last month macron. told the UN General Assembly that the world as it is today cannot come down to a rivalry between China and the United States macron appears to have a firm idea of at least one of the nation deserving of a seat at the top table.

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