COVID-19: ‘little or no’ benefit from remdesivir: WHO

UN News


Results from a UN coordinated international trial looking at four cave nineteen therapeutics have shown little or no positive impact on preventing death in patients infected with new corona virus, the Solidarity Therapeutics Trial, overseen by the world. Health Organization who found that REMM disappear hydroxy chloroquine, Lapenne Aveer. Rootin- and Interferon. appeared to have little or no effect on twenty eight day mortality or the hospital course of covid nineteen among hospitalized patients. The study involved more than thirty countries and investigated the effects of the treatments on mortality ventilation and length of stay in hospital. It did not examine other uses of the drugs such as preventive treatment, which would. Require further trials in a related announcement. The WHO said that Covid nineteen had also highlighted the increased vulnerability of people with high blood pressure to the coronavirus. The warning is based on data for more than one hundred twenty countries showing significant caveat related disruption to treatment for people suffering from chronic health conditions with findings showing these patients make up fifty to sixty percent of all deaths through covid. Dr Bent Mickelson director of WHO's Department of noncommunicable diseases said that more than one point one, billion people around the world suffer from hypertension mainly in low and middle income countries when it comes to call it nine, thousand, nine, hundred, hypertension, one, hundred and twenty two countries that has reported. US that in over fifty percent of the country's the healthcare services disrupted fully or partially fifty percent of the country's, and in addition we see a high number of is we don't have global figures yet, but we see in the rain show fifty, sixty percent of the people that are severely ill and died in hospitals from code have hypertension diabetes, and so forth and the working on the global targets.

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