39 states with rising hospitalizations, 13 hitting records just this week and now the number of deaths


Just this week and now the number of deaths also climbing as more hospitals get overwhelmed the first covert patients arriving at the field hospital set up outside Milwaukee. That's a B C's. Alex Perez, the surgeon general's said. Wisconsin's positivity right is going in the wrong direction. Over 22 Million people have already voted 17 days from Election Day President Trump Campaign in Florida and Georgia on Friday. He'll visit the upper Midwest Today. Joe Biden was in Michigan Friday, Senator David Perdue of George's being criticized for comments he made about Joe Biden's running mate. Kamala Harris. What, Laura, Come on, Come on, Come on. I don't know. Whatever campaign says he simply mispronounced her name. They have served in the Senate together for four years. This is ABC News. Modernization isn't just a buzzword. It's a buzz of revolution future strong

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