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Still available. I had to buy. I think they're expensive Fur for the games right now. I don't know how they arrived at the prices. Hey and his tier pricing. They're not as expensive for the Giants game because who the hell wants to go to the Giants game, especially with a night game? And bite your thoughts on why you do or don't want to go to the game and I'll give you my thoughts later in the in the show. Um what my thoughts are about fans being at the game. I know. Ah, A ll The Eagles and all the players said the right things about Having fans there. What kind of noise Air 5500 fans going to really generate? What kind of emotion for the home team? Is it really going to generate But we'll talk about that book about but go or you didn't want to go? Why you wanted to go and why you didn't want to go. So and we will talk about that. One of the things that I also, um I want to touch on again. Is the Philly situation with signing J T Real Moto and it's It's double side of the way I look at it. The Phillies needs so much. You can't put all that money into one player For all those years. It's going to be at least five years. The just You can't do it. You can't Do it. On the player that if you're going to sign a free agent And he's done it again. Um That I think would be more important to the Phillies. It would be George Springer, the center fielder for the Astros. This guy just in big games. He's just He's terrific. About the same age will cost less money. May not be as many years. I'd rather have George Springer Phillies need a center fielder. They really need a leadoff hitter because Andrew McCutchen can play all the time anymore, and after this year I don't know that he'll be with the team in any capacity as a starting left fielder. You know if they signed cheaply and keep Mr backup after this this season, that's fine. But you need a leadoff hitter and you need to center fielder and that's George Springer. I'd rather side George Springer, then J T re moto. Who I know is it is a terrific catcher. But he's a catcher at his age three years in a contract we playing more first base. If they have a D h. He'll be D H and play first base and you're paying him as a catcher. Yet he won't have Ah! As many solid years as a catcher. If you sign a five year contract. So you gotta look at it that way. Get your and we'll get your thoughts on that, too. I was hoping This six years. Would sign Daryl Morey, who resigned from Fromthe rockets. But there's there's obviously some complications with that. And ah That? I don't know. Ah, How much the the Rockets wanted. For Dara more because he resigned with I believe four years left on his contract. So you had to work something out. Apparently there six years. Either couldn't or didn't want to work it out. And The reporters at the six years will hire Pacers executive Peter Din Witty As the executive vice president of basketball operations. I don't know now that Daryl Morey fits in because Elton Brand's going to still be there. How many guys do you need? These guys would be useless. Ah, not Delton brand, But why would did when he come there? If more he's going to oversee Ah Oversee that the whole thing but the six years got it. And they got rid of that Alex Rocker or they reassigned him. Get rid of him. Get him out of the building like it. Just what a disaster. He was. What a disaster. There should be more guys. I can give you a list of what they should get rid of, but that would be important for them. I don't think it's going to change. What they have right now. Because they still have a roster. That is hard to get rid of the guys that are making too much money. Tobias Harris. I don't care how well Tobias Harris played under Ah! Hello. Doc Rivers. Because he played so well. He traded him. That's how well he played under Doc Rivers. He trade he traded him. S O. And then Al Horford just doesn't fit and he may have gotten old overnight. I don't know how you get rid of those guys. You get rid of him, but you're going to have to give up. You're gonna have to give up something just to get rid of their money. And that's the one thing If they don't do that, then they're still doomed. I still I still think they're doomed with Ben Simmons. Ah, so ah, the new executive vice president, Investable operations will see what he can do obviously is better than what they had. Ah, so s so it's a start. All right this morning. The one thing I want to do. Every week. We have a $100 gift certificate. To give away for de Bruno brothers. I'm trying to feed you again. Feed you was really, really good stuff. Just up by their ninth Street store. They have five locations stop by their ninth Street store, and I went crazy looking at all the unbelievable food That they had there and they have it all their locations. S O. I have a $100 gift certificate and you can check out the brunette

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